WPC Sheets: For Everlasting Applications

Clients from all walks of life find Ecoste WPC sheets as an advanced and innovative option if compared to wood or plywood. The WPC sheets are a durable product, suitable for both interiors and exterior applications.

Find the best knowledge with this blog that will help you know how WPC sheets can work for your spaces when applied..!

A composition that Stands Tall

Not just in being cost-effective but also flexible in the application makes it a convenient and likable product. If you go by details, the WPC sheets constitute 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder, and the rest 15% additive chemicals (which are acrylic-based impact modifiers providing high strength to the WPC sheets).

Chemical-free for a Green World

The WPC sheets are a green solution which is IGBC & GRIHA Approved that does not leave any bad effect on your health and well-being. There are no harmful chemicals involved in their production as well which gives our product a better rank in front of substitutes, which have formaldehyde. Formaldehyde could be harmful to the health of children and elders, primarily due to its volatile release; which could be irritating for your eyes, nose, and skin also can cause severe health problems. The intriguing quality about the WPC sheets is their capacity to be used in the building exteriors as well.

Just Fix it and Forget it

It is UV resistant, 100% water-proof, termite-proof, fire-retardant and comes with a lifetime guarantee on these points. This is because of its exceptional composition which is made to get an everlasting experience.

Fine Aesthetic Approach is Available

You could paint the WPC sheets with oil-based paints as per your choice and can style them in different shapes and sizes since all carpentry tools are used on the WPC sheets.

A Hybrid Solution for your Applications

The WPC sheets are also known for great insulation, density, and strength. Hence, you will save your time, cost, and money by 3x with Ecoste’s premium quality sheet for your space! Last but not the least, here is a quick fact about Ecoste products which are manufactured to follow international quality standards, and have been passed by the Delhi Test House Laboratory.

As WPC sheets can be installed in residential and commercial spaces with Plug & Play Installation according to the theme and character of the interiors and exteriors. Isn’t it a wise decision to select a product, which doesn’t lose its grace over time? You decide!

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