WPC Grills is the road to your Profits

Ecoste has mounted on WPC Industry with its innovative formulation of WPC Grills. WPC grills are just not an architect’s problem solver but one of those products that result in supporting an architect’s plans!

When going for a walk in a Grill market, you will see WPC, GRC, SS, FRP, MDF, UPVC, or MS grills are there. You will find that there is a wide selection for you. Each grill’s composition defines its distinctive specialties that are designed for spaces and satisfy a client’s wants. But also think, what is the best profitable option to pick from, that can raise the bar of your projects to yield your revenues along with a provision of good market share as well to you…?


Yes, there is much for you in the store to look for, and this blog is all set to help you get on the cruise instead of the boat that you have been rowing to reach the shore so far! 


So first, let me make one thing clear to you that WPC Grills are not one of the competitive products at all! If you meet a fabricator and understand their mindset you will get to know that each grill holds its distinctive traits in particular yet it is a product. But WPC grills is that product that adds value to you and to your profile of spaces by just choosing it. In today’s time, where the era of modern constructions is taking over the sky, WPC grills are an engineered product that tends to add volumes to that modern construction. At the end of the day, if the chosen product adds more than your needs then it is truly a game-changer for your planning and design

WPC grills are for every architect, every project, and every client whether its application is for interiors or exteriors. But how? An architect enjoys when the composition of a material works for them instead he has to work for it after its application. Similarly, a client enjoys when the product makes them feel better or helps them experience a stress-free life after its installation! And the project gets a glow-up only when the right product is being used in it that adds life to space by kicking out timely maintenance costs when once fixed.


Therefore, WPC Grill is not just a product but a solution that will embrace your design with its hassle-free Plug & Play installation!


Being a modern product, WPC Grills overshadows all the conventional products like GRC, UPVC, FRP, etc. because of its limitless capabilities. If your design needs a product that will reduce the weight of your space then WPC grills are the choice. WPC Grill is a modern product that is made of 70% Virgin Polymer, 15% Wood Powder, and 15% Additives. Its profound composition makes it a modern solution that is a light-weight-aesthetic!

With this, now you have many options to present your designs to your clients and when WPC is added to your list you will definitely be able to convince your client to go for a long-lasting and a renovation-eliminating-solution and not just a product!


if you apply WPC Grills to your single project, then you will want to introduce them to all your upcoming projects… here is the ‘Why’, this is because its hassle-free features and aesthetic finish will absolutely grace your projects that will end up boosting your sales too! 


Another reason why WPC grills will become your right choice is here! Now, this is a golden tip for you. A value-added point of installing WPC Grills is to help you to get an edge in the markets! Let’s see how? 


If other fabricators are using UPVC, GRC, or MS Grills, now you will get an advantage of WPC that is already with you in your bag! This will improve your market share and uplift you to stand above the conventional product users. Not only will you end up increasing your revenues, but it will also reward you with profits towards your efforts and also towards your valuable designs.

After this blog, you must be thinking about whether promoting WPC Grills in your projects could be the right choice or WPC Grills is the path to earning profits now! Let us make it easy for you, ask yourself that “Either I should get on the cruise now or the boat is still the right option for me ” you will get your answer!


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