WPC Grills: For Creating New horizons of Sustainability in Buildings

The rise in climate change, optimum utilization of resources, an increase of greenhouse gas emissions, the rise of carbon footprint are becoming a high time debate which is concerning all the stakeholders.
To contribute towards a better way, we take our best foot forward to help architects find the best solution to create projects that help in reducing fears of alarming environmental harms in the long run!

Sustainable architecture widely depends on the building material and the choice of the architect on how he will amalgamate all the available resources in his projects! Keeping an eye on all the rising problems of the near future, our most selling product WPC grills is helping architects to step up for creating sustainable building designs.

With this blog we’ll be talking about a product that is sustainable and versatile and at the same time is an extensive need of futuristic architectural projects which will be everlasting for generations to operate from.

Here are some golden advantages of WPC grills that can help your projects to contribute towards sustainability!

1. A Smart Material for Grills

We believe one of the most roaring issues is that architects are challenged in having entrance to all of the knowledge and data they need to make learned decisions to reduce their architecture’s carbon footprint. Architects whose design methods are based on the purpose of reducing energy demands can now manage plans efficiently with WPC grills. It is reasoned that newly built buildings that meet current standards can take up to 50 years to deliver the improvements but with sustainable materials, the time can be reduced! Therefore, a building’s carbon footprint can be reduced. Green products like WPC grills enable architecture to become environmentally efficient, profitable, and better spaces to breathe and operate in

2. Reduce Carbon Emissions with WPC Grills

It is vital to acknowledge how to control the invasion and enforcement of buildings and infrastructure! It is predicted that 20% of the impact in terms of energy loss occurs in the design aspect and construction, while 80% occurs in the form of operation of the structure. With WPC Grills that are versatile in their properties helps an architect to reduce carbon emissions in their projects when applied in interiors or exteriors. 

3. Access Natural lighting with WPC Grills

Lighting accounts for approximately 40 percent of the energy used in a typical commercial building. Use state-of-the-art lighting and optimize daylighting. WPC Grills helps you use natural lighting due to its craft of precision and CNC cutting that delivers excellent perforation finish. Therefore, studying proper insulation, natural lighting and shading can exceedingly reduce the demand for energy use later on.

4. A Green Material for a Sustainable Approach

If you go down the road you will find many conventionally used grills that have been a choice of architects, like GRC grills, aluminum grills, Stainless Steel grills, concrete jali/grill, etc. But none of them contributes towards preserving nature and resources.

Still, there is one option which is left for you to choose which is a hybrid substitute to all the conventionally used grills, that is WPC material which is 100% eco-friendly and green! To avoid a debate where chemical compositions are involved, we know that you would love to choose a product that is free from all the harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, harmful VOCs that cause health harm to the involved workers and its users.

5. Recyclable Constituents for Optimum Utilisation of Resources

Today in the modern world as technology is progressing and giving us the right advantages of using resources, wastage of resources is also becoming a big concern of authorities and preservers. Taking into consideration the quality standards and guidelines of environmentalists, we add 15% of recyclable WPC material in our grills as our contribution towards creating a sustainable material that will embrace interiors and exteriors. You will also be glad to know that our WPC grills are GRIHA & IGBC approved which ultimately improves the project’s green ratings as well.

6. Performance of WPC Grills

We understand that being an architect is not easy when you have to instruct builders and plan productive measures that make you hunt for the right material which will embrace a project idea plan.

8 years ago, when we brought WPC material in the light of Indian architects and group housing builders we understood their pain area which was the overall performance of a material when it is manufactured into a product for its applications!

As a result when a comparative analysis between WPC Grills and Conventional grills( GRC, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium) happened WPC stood above its competition gracefully! This is because the dimensional stability and its finest composition make it a superior product of the building material industry that does not lose its charm even in harsh climatic conditions.


What all of this means—the center on sustainability, the exact material preference, accurate expression of design—is inspired by a simplistic motivation of sustainable approach. We at Ecoste want to make our clients happy. The front and foremost principle we believe is our mission declaration is tied to precious architecture and the best human experience which can be there by the right material, Wood Polymer Composite (WPC).

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