WPC Grills: A Timeless Element in Contemporary Architecture in a Sustainable Way

From France to South- East Asia grills have traveled all the continents of the world irrespective of the choice of material to beautify designs of world’s architects and has served best with ironwork to the historian period where grills were a part of war grounds for men on the field!
The first iron grilles were imitations of French work, the few extant examples of ironwork in Italy before the 14th century indicated a wide appreciation of how the material could best be worked!

The well-known national characteristics of the design of grill ironwork amazingly enhanced the 14th-century architectural practices till the vibrant 19th century!

Grills are an ageless and timeless element that has evolved and traveled from past architectural practices to the modern contemporaries! From the period of royals of Asia such as Mughals, Tibetans, Islamic communities and medieval era grills have satisfied many architectures with their versatility and expected results.