WPC Grills: A Timeless Element in Contemporary Architecture in a Sustainable Way

From France to South- East Asia grills have traveled all the continents of the world irrespective of the choice of material to beautify designs of world’s architects and has served best with ironwork to the historian period where grills were a part of war grounds for men on the field!
The first iron grilles were imitations of French work, the few extant examples of ironwork in Italy before the 14th century indicated a wide appreciation of how the material could best be worked!

The well-known national characteristics of the design of grill ironwork amazingly enhanced the 14th-century architectural practices till the vibrant 19th century!

Grills are an ageless and timeless element that has evolved and traveled from past architectural practices to the modern contemporaries! From the period of royals of Asia such as Mughals, Tibetans, Islamic communities and medieval era grills have satisfied many architectures with their versatility and expected results.

By using wood polymer composite material’s grill applications makes projects easier, better, and effective for an architect, builder as well as a contractor/carpenter who invests their time, money, and labor in creating high-class projects!

Sustainability aspects of WPC Grills

As the paradigm of architecture is changing due to the natural consequences, the building material industry also needs not just a material, but a complete solution that will make its application for the greater good of the society.

According to the past decades, Architects often used to choose aluminum, GRC, and steel grills as their consistent choice for creating their project.

All these conventional grills were in use so far, but when a critical analysis was done on their characteristic properties and material, a high time need for a solution came up.

Henceforth, as the paradigm is changing and natural consequences are on the rise such as global warming, the effect of greenhouse gases on the planet, it has been recommended to opt for sustainable solutions as part of sustainable development by UNICEF for creating futuristic buildings.

For creating sustainable buildings, WPC grills are a smart choice as the composition of this material consists of polymers and natural wood grains or powder that makes this product durable, eco-friendly, and futuristic!

With characteristics of being weather-resistant for the internal and external environment, its composition helps the grills stand strong for generations! But this is only possible when an architect is using quality WPC grills that have approvals, test reports, and needed certifications for creating sustainable projects!

(Connect with our experts, to know about what all approvals, test reports, and certificates are required to build sustainably acceptable projects)

Versatility aspects of WPC Grills

WPC grills are one of the best alternatives or we can say is a substitute to the conventionally used grill materials that look great when fixed but over a time period becomes lifeless due to impacts of the external environment.
After Five Years

But when an architect chooses WPC material for grill elements it then its applications become numerous that fit perfectly in the designs of the space!

WPC grills are 100% paintable and can be customized for the purpose of its application where choosing the grill element for out-of-the-box designs is the idea!

We have collected 8 timeless applications of WPC grills that have become a solution for residential and commercial spaces that created projects with the edge of transformation.

Character element to cohere build & unbuilt spaces.

Structural element to animate spaces and volumes.

Second-skin to regulate natural lighting and ventilation.

Create a play of light and shadow.

Character element for theme-based designs.

Covering exposed areas in elevations and beautifying it.

Breaking the monotony of rigid spaces.

Screening between private and common areas.

Aesthetics aspects of WPC Grills

In our experience of 8 progressive years, we have served leading Architects and group housing builders with WPC grills majorly for its aesthetic quotient and easy installation that has given their spaces the best results!

But this is not where the story ends, WPC grills are a versatile product without a doubt but there are clever advantages too that can be accomplished when it is being used as a passive cooling element for spaces.

Natural cooling operates on – site energy levels that are possible from natural light which is linked with the cooperation of an architectural design, where specific components of building material amplify its abilities!

Here, WPC fits the best aesthetic grill application that can provide ventilation(cross ventilation or stack ventilation), thermal insulation, and concrete solar control to space.

Specific cooling strategies can be opted to apply according to the requirements which are most appropriate for preventing overheating of a space where composite climate exists.

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