WPC Facades: An Ideal Material for Building Envelopes

Sometimes you do decide to judge a book by its cover, and a building by its facade… Reflecting on architectural antiquity, we perceive that concerns related to facade strategy have gathered an abundance of awareness to build a much engaging visual impression!

Megastructures and extensive infrastructures do not perceive to flourish with the necessity to withstand the bloating population. Having stated this, it is bilaterally agreed that there are no concrete deadlines to check the growth of buildings across the globe. Analyzing a building, the key purpose within the spaces undeviatingly reciprocates the design of the whole structure, on both interiors as well as exterior facade design.

The materials, predominantly facade design factors of a structure plays an indispensable character in the level of well-being and sustainability of the structure without wrecking the surroundings, inducing degradation. Wood Polymer Composite or WPC is an emerging material that is hybrid, strong & environment friendly, and can be chosen for healthy facade application.

India undergoes an unequal and non-uniform concentration of resources. Consequently, this has led to an unsustainable exemplar of production and loss of construction materials. Since, to avoid unnecessary demand in a particular quarter for materials, again commencing to the exploitation of nature, conventionally is practiced and exercised with the processes of material application.

To stop the bleeding resources, WPC Facade is a smart solution that is a polymer-based, long-lasting material that can help architects to plan sustainable design structures for the greater good of the generations.

What a Facade should bring to the table?

Facade! An intelligent and responsive building envelope adapts itself to its environment through perception, reasoning, and action. This adaptability enables an intelligent building envelope to cope with new situations and solve problems that arise in its interaction with the environment. An intelligent facade is not characterized primarily by how much it is driven by technology, but instead by the interaction between the facade, the buildings, services, and the environment.

So here is what WPC Facade brings to the table…

For Buildings:

  • Reduces the Dead load of the Structure.
  • Light in Weight which fits perfectly for High Rise Installation.
  • Cheaper, Better & Faster Installation.
  • Provides the Benefits of Thermal insulation.

In terms of Services:

  • Zero Maintenance.
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability.
  • Priceless Satisfaction for Lifetime.
  • A Fix & Forget the Experience.
  • Green Ratings.
  • Reduction in the Carbon footprint of the Structure.

For Environment:

  • A Contribution towards Sustainable development.
  • Healthier Envelope.
  • A Cover of Safety from Harmful Chemicals to all types of lives.

What Does WPC Facade offer to Buildings in terms of Sustainability?

More and more WPC facades offer distinct aesthetic geometries, breaking the code of a flat-glass case structure, and structures with intricate curves and no surface treatments are gaining artistic appreciation.

There is also an improved focus on sustainability. This indicates that facades need to be designed to overcome interior energy that concedes natural lighting without a lack of thermal energy. There is gradual progress in the application of WPC Grills because of its passive ventilation like employing double-skinned facades and other techniques that contributes to improving user experience without compromising on any kind of energy costs.


Therefore, the design of WPC facades that do not become antiquated in the forthcoming future and gels in utterly with the building interiors as well as builds a clear reflection of its exteriors is the need of the hour. They endure a decisive position in the environmental displays of structures and are a reproduction of its quality that builds an everlasting impression on the end-users or the passers-by. It creates a barrier between the interior space and the external environment and acts as the mechanism of intercommunication between the movements taking place at both ends!

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