WPC Facade: For Your Sustainable Everlasting Designs

Effective sustainable structures have a comprehensive passageway to choosing and integrating materials and methods that deem for long-term consumer well-being and environmental economy.

In recent times deciders in manufacturing products and materials have become more driven by strength and sustainability perspectives. This is not only because standards and regulations in the building industry unwaveringly take these principles into a tale.

This is because of climate variation, limited fossil resources, and growing interests in the vulnerability of the earth, architects, and engineers are more than ever sincerely accountable for the outgrowths of their choices. But it is also up to the construction material/product manufacturers to provide choices to conventional and less eco-friendly products so that an approach of sustainable evolution takes place.

The flourishing expansion of tough wood-polymer composite (WPC) facade is a hurdle for the conventional industry. Due to the organic characters in the composite, it was doubtable if WPC performs satisfyingly in a facade application that is supposed to satisfy 50 years. However, if you choose Quality WPC products then you get a lifetime guarantee and WPC products become a solution for your project’s design!

The list of measurable material characteristics for WPC Facade is long and they can be summed into the following characters:

1. Dimensional Stability

The tautness and flexural rigidities are some symbols for material defense against outside pressure impacts. By practice, the higher its Density, the better it fits as a facade application! All thanks to the composite-made composition. Furthermore, the dimensional stability of facade covering – solutions is also subject to the resistance of the installation of a single grill/jali board.

2. Durability

This character deals with strength reductions due to outer influences over the product’s existence. The results are affected by both artificial and natural aging experiments. In the past, samples were tested under the following experiments such as:

1. A Water Absorption Test

2. A Fire Resistance Test

3. A Screw-Holding Capacity Test

Therefore, from all the tests, we concluded that there was no loss of strength! This has helped Ecoste as well to know the tremendous abilities of a Quality WPC material.

3. Serviceability

The facade is demanded to keep its application and presentation at least for a significant lifetime and under variations that address rather slightly. A uniform geometrical appearance is guaranteed by a reliable aesthetic quotient that portrays a picture of a structure’s health & hygiene! And choosing a material like WPC that has transparent approvals & certifications just helps an architect to set a benchmark with his designs & projects.

4. Other Criteria

This classification includes additional characteristics such as termite/borer resistance if WPC facades are constructed in Moisture areas, the bulk density which subtracts the descent of sheer masses, or the force resistance which serves to assess the appropriateness of the cladding for hard-body strikes which for example occur in hailstorms.

The White Vibrance & Aesthetic Quotient of Facade

Amongst the numerous colors that are practiced on the exteriors, a white palette reviews more people from throughout, than any other color. Whether they are well-known structures or modern ones, white facades look pristine and never go out of vogue. So here is what, we have prepared five reasons that make a white structure’s facade the conqueror and a most-favored choice!

Appears Pristine

White Facade resembles fresh-breeziness, and has a calming demeanor, and gives a more luminous look. Another plus point is that white facades reflect a lot of light and provide the home a visually bigger look.

Eligible for all Architectural Styles

White color Facades ought to be universal for all architectural projects, such as modern dwellings, traditional bungalows and villas, boardwalk houses, and so on. An all-white exterior facade strengthens the building’s slender modern look. Also, a play of light & shadow adds a pinch of drama as it reflects the developing patterns & geometric designs due to the shift of natural light throughout the day.

Offers High-Gade Divergence

White Facade exteriors create a neutral color palette that extends a perfect cover to enhance various architectural specifications. The crisp details of a white facade structure present it with a silhouette that persists out upon the backdrop of the sky and distinguishes gracefully from the lush green panoramas.

Guarantees Energy Efficiency

White building facades block indoor heat gain because they are excellent reflectors of radiations & heat. Accordingly, in desert regions and other hot realms, it is vital to go for white exteriors for the structures and white surfaces/facades for keeping the spaces cooler. The most satisfying element about white facades is that they are capable of thermal insulation. How? Because there is minimal indoor heat accretion, the indoors are relaxed, pleasant and require less energy or air-conditioning to cool the interior spaces.

Repellent to Fading

The lighter the color, the deeper it blocks UV transmission; so, of all colors, white facades are best in withstanding the destructive UV beams of the sun. In conclusion, white facade structures seem fresh for a more prolonged time. Nevertheless, one drawback of white outlying paint is that it conduces to appear dirty sooner, mainly if the structure faces a busy road.

FYI: Ecoste facade solutions provide an everlasting glossy finish to its Facades that do not dull away due to external weather forces of any other exposures. The Ecoste Grills/Jali are manufactured by the exquisite Filler Ex Technology and include exceptional compositional additives (heat stabilizers, UV pigments, fillers, etc.) that make WPC facades everlasting!


WPC encourages the practice of both recycled plastics and natural wood waste. So far the principal applications of WPC have been decking and cladding but, Facade is where architects are aiming at! Hence, Ecoste WPC offers unique possibilities for the construction industry, and specifically, architects endeavoring green ratings & approvals will appreciate such a Green-Composite Facade. Connect with us for expert solutions to embrace your projects!

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