WPC Door Frames For Fire- Rated Openings, Industries & Institutions

Architects and their Builders have met with the hurdle of keeping their design concepts when structure principles & demands limit their expertise to produce that vision to the world. This has resulted in a crisis for decades with fire-rated door opening products.

A persuasive design plan, wealthy with wooden door frames and trim but subjected to a fire evaluation, often forces the use of a metal frame, breaking up the intended appearance. While countless experts simply, admit that as an unfortunate reality.
But since the emergence of Wood Polymer Composite or WPC, there’s hope for making designs everlasting!

So yes, the innovations exist, some for many years now, that resolve the conflict between design intent and code requirements.

Are Fire-Rated WPC Door Opening Solutions New?

The fire-rated WPC door opening solutions aren’t new; As they have been a choice of all the government sectors for their institution’s mega structures. This is because of the percentage of exceptional ingredients & composition that has made them an acceptable choice!

With a blending of special constituents and manufacturing means, quality WPC door frames can be manufactured for the updated standards of density that make their application rock-solid.

For architects and other specifiers, this may be a revelation with some very positive impacts on their designs and models. For decades, hollow metal frames have been the default solution for higher-rated openings, but now that WPC door frames have come into existence, high-class projects will be treated well.

Thus, this signifies that strongly designed spaces will benefit the luxurious and passionate representations that only WPC can contribute.

There are solutions out beyond to cover the metal frames – such as cladding, trim kits, faux wood wraps, and fancy accessories, but ultimately, when the look and feel of wood is the design intent, WPC is stealing the limelight of natural wooden material. With fire-rated WPC frames, the design doesn’t have to be ‘just’ settled.

Lesser Known Facts of Quality WPC – Frames

Quality WPC Frames possesses more strength than wood by not just being an A-Class Fire Retardant but also being:

  • 100% Moisture-proof
  • 100% Termite & Borer Proof
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • 100% Carpenter- Friendly
  • 100% VOC Free
  • 100% Dimensionally Stable

Application Possibilities of WPC – Frames

So why don’t more experts practice fire-rated WPC door frames? Possibly, it is because they are not aware of its versatility, strength, and application possibilities completely. In a marketplace where innovative products often fascinate us with LED panels or slim-electric panels or some other “ wow factor” enrichment, fire-rated WPC door frame modestly resolve the everlasting design obstacle, conceivably making them likely to miss.

Aesthetical Advantage of WPC – Frames

WPC door frames and their impact on design and functionality, however, may be a significant one. This is because it is a high-profile, product innovation that has durability and an aesthetic quotient which gives an added advantage to the architects.
Architects value to practice WPC for its immeasurable composition and add-on advantages that satisfy their designed projects entirely. The aesthetic advantage coming with WPC door frames is an add-on for architects as well as designers as it enables them to match the overall theme perfectly.

Manufacturing, Assembling & Installation Notes

Only a few manufacturers manufacture fire-rated quality WPC frames. The manufacturing methodology is less demanding than any other door frame manufacturing that delivers prefinished door frames which are ready to use. With the help of quick assembling, the door frame’s installation is absolutely plug & play that requires minimum effort in its overall installation. This is the mere reason why the demand for WPC door frames has overshadowed all the conventionally practiced door frames.

Suitability & Co-Existence with WPC – Frames

Fire-rated WPC door frames are the absolute solution in multiple applications but are unusually adapted to multi-family structures where residents crave a true home -warmth. They also grant themselves well to support existence, isolation residences or any other residential settings where hollow conventional frames create an awkward institutional sentiment. Historic remodeling designs also proffer timeliness where aesthetics are predominant, but modern traits do exist.

Other construction types have also witnessed rising demands involving casinos, art centers, multiplexes, libraries, museums, religious centers, commercial structures, and anyplace other than the luxurious appearance where WPC frames enhance a space & its structural design.

Among the developing interests for high-end homes and more rigorous fire regulations for multi-family structural development, fire-rated WPC frames will proceed to rise as the most chosen division. The provocation for the WPC manufacturing industry is to improve comprehension of the ready products so specifiers can incorporate them in their initial planning stages.

Health & Safety Standards of WPC Frames

WPC door frames composition makes them far more superior due to its following health & safety benefits which is gradually the need of the hour. With the changing mindset of lifestyles, architects are also shifting their paradigm towards a sustainable approach. A product that turns out to be a solution is becoming the most preferred choice, that is why architect’s designs need WPC door frames!

Here is the list of the traits that come with WPC frames that helps to create healthy & safe structures:

  • Fulfill All Green Rating Parameter
  • With Non-Toxic Grills Releasing No VOC’s
  • Fungus and Bacteria Proof
  • Better Cleanliness & Hygiene to Attain Better Health
  • Ultra Modern Green Materials
  • Ensures Healthy Space By Toxic Treatments

How to Find Quality WPC Frames?

Presently, WPC door frames are becoming one of the most productive solutions. And this is only possible when one chooses to get all the qualitative proofs from the manufacturers. So, this is what making manufacturers like us, happy to provide all of our following WPC credentials

  • Product Specifications
  • Test Reports
  • Government Approvals
  • Certificates
  • Case Studies

So it’s time to get what you have been looking for, ‘ Quality WPC Frames’ for your designs, matching themes, and upcoming projects! Connect with our #Quality WPC Expert and find out the right solution for your precious projects.

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