WPC Door Frames: A Solution for your Designs

A carpenter is the one who spends time analyzing the composition of a material, imagining its application, and then visualizes how it will sustain itself throughout time. They often look for what could be the answers to their curious questions…always!

Choosing the right material is recommended but if you want to sell value instead of just a product then the most important action will be to look for the right composition of a material that will help you to do justice with your designs and satisfy your customer’s comforts for life.

Once you choose the right product, there comes the role of a carpenter who encounters WPC door frames. In the past 8 years, Ecoste has collected many questions regarding WPC door frames and their applications such as what types of doors can be installed on WPC Frames? Or where can these door frames fit perfectly, toilets or main doors? Can the door frame withstand double doors? Let me tell you that this is the perfect place to get your answers to all of your questions!

But first, you need to know one thing that will definitely clear popping question marks about WPC door frames that they are made of 70% Virgin Polymer, 15% Wood Powder and 15% Additives that give them herculean traits to withstand any composition of a door, irrespective of its size, weight, and density! WPC door frames provide a great advantage to you because you can hang any type of door on them like MS doors, FRP doors, or even SS doors. Even if the section is about 5.2 ½, then double doors can also be fitted easily. This is only possible because of the core density of the product which is versatile! 

When Ecoste took a closer look at the markets, we concluded that the available WPC door frames were made of 0.7 density which was not enough for a long-lasting experience for space. We understood the outcome, and so we provided a solution that was to bring door frames of 1.1 ½  density that are solid to hold any type of door throughout the decades! 

Due to German Encapsulation technology with the solid layer of 8 mm on all the 6 sides of Ecoste WPC Door that provides a great screw holding capacity to the door frames that makes our door frames stand out in the markets. 

Once you install Ecoste WPC door frames that are higher in density you will be able to apply any type of doors that will definitely eliminate the hassles of installation and all the maintenance costs.  

Now, do you think WPC Doors Frames will provide a smooth, seamless finish to your space and will be a powerful solution to hold doors without compromising their quality by any external harms? If yes, then it’s your time to install them today!

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