WPC Boards: A Solution for your Everlasting Furniture Fittings

We have seen India’s leading Architects showing their trust in Ecoste for its unmatched solutions and Ecoste WPC Boards are another desirable choice of an architect!

8 years ago when Ecoste got the idea of creating WPC solutions and not just products, we wanted to provide a range of quality WPC products that will help Architects to multiply freedom. WPC boards are an emerging choice of Architects and in this blog, you will get to know why they are in a desire for it..!

So yes, you will be amazed to know why architects are choosing Ecoste WPC boards as their one-stop solution to create satisfying furniture material choices which are helping them to get more projects..

WPC Boards is a homogeneous, engineered, and pre-finished product, proven as a complete, efficient, and innovative substitute against conventional plywood and waterproof ply.

And this makes them open an array of application possibilities. From making all types of furniture like

Given the quality of strength and right density of every application, it can be used for interiors and exteriors alike. This is because of their herculean composition that includes 70% virgin polymers, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives(VOC Emissions & Formaldehyde-free chemicals, recyclables, heat stabilizers, fillers & UV pigments).

The best part of WPC Boards is it is 100% carpenter friendly, and no extra knowledge is required in its workability. This allows carpenters to use their conventional woodworking tools on WPC Boards with ease.

Being a pre-finished engineered solution, the product is ready to use! Making the installation absolutely plug and play, it has a dependable german encapsulation which gives Ecoste boards definite screw holding capacity for a ‘fix & forget’ experience.

Therefore, by reducing an Architect’s cost, labor, and time by 3X making their research cheaper, better, and faster, this product attracts them!

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