WPC: A Smart Building Material, for Reducing Risks of Fading Greens

Buildings have a big impact on the environment. The construction and renovation of buildings need a good amount of resources to sustain for a long period. Then when in use they need a significant amount of resources that are responsible for contributing carbon emissions in an environment which causes numerous problems to solve.

The material that is used in the construction of a design or a structure of a building is often preferred based on comparative analysis rather than its quality towards the external environment!

If you see all around the world, few materials can be used in all types of architecture projects which can contribute towards a sustainable environment. But the problem that is in the bigger picture is the awareness of the best material which is required! Interiors and exteriors office space utilizes 35% of resources, 40% of energy and consumes 12% of world drinkable water and 40% of carbon emissions to sustain success.

Give it a thought and figure out how many buildings there are in the world and if this is the count how much are we preserving our environment!

Since the emergence of a hybrid material which is wood polymer composite, the need of reducing carbon footprints has been around us because it can be done now. It is always said that every problem has a solution but the application of the right solution is the high time needed by the environment.

From Products to Solutions:

By understanding the needs of the environment, Ecoste aims to serve the environment and you with not just its products but with its solutions that will help you to operate your lifestyle smartly! When it comes to deciding the composition of our WPC material and its products, we did a critical analysis of what is best for your spaces that will help you experience an everlasting impression with its application!

A Superior Composition:

Ecoste WPC products are durable, high in density, and come with a lifetime guarantee! Yes, this is true too as keeping in mind the need of the hour, the composition comprises all Ecoste WPC products comprising 70% Virgin Polymers, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives that are 100% VOC Emissions free. To construct a structure of a design, the inclusion of the right material is the utmost priority to give qualitative benefits to its users! With this thought, each product of Ecoste provides high quality and sustainable attributes to their application.

100% Eco-friendly Material for a Green World:

Where UNICEF is taking Prior initiatives to preserve the green environment we at Ecoste, take one step towards their action plans by bringing our range of WPC products that are 100% eco-friendly which is also made of 15% recyclables! If you go down the road conventional products like plywood Timber have been there in the market but the wastage derived from them is immensely disheartening to witness. Similarly, keeping in mind all these track notes wood polymer composite is a blissful substitute to all the conventionally used products. With an ideal initiative of bringing recyclables material into the products, we take pride in contributing towards the sustainable development goals for the environment.

Contribution Towards Reducing Carbon Footprint:

Modern-day architecture demands the right type of materials which will take a better initiative in reducing the carbon footprint for a peaceful green environment for the generations to come. Keeping in mind all these factors, wood polymer composite is a hybrid, innovative alternative that is allowing architects and group housing builders to choose the right type of material in their projects and designs to shape a society with awareness by qualitative measures!

So it’s your time to stand up for the right choices of material that are needed to be implemented in modern-day buildings and architecture, for bringing sustainable development in action by choosing wood polymer composite-based products.

Global warming is a collective issue of the world but if you stand to contribute a penny for it it would be counted as a noble act for society and the world’s development. With Ecoste, you get a chance of doing this Nobel act and provide your designs high-quality, wood polymer composite products that are made to embrace your designs and environment.

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