Why Institutional Architects are Choosing Ecoste WPC Doors for their High Class Projects

Backed by years of experience in the building material industry, we manufacture and supply high-quality Solid WPC doors.

Owing to its captivating design, flawless finish, and protection against termite, the advanced solid WPC door is highly required by projects that speak volumes. To make the proposed solid WPC doors as per industry-laid standards, we make use of the latest technology which helps Ecoste to satisfy our clients.

Ecoste’s Premium WPC Doors for high-end architecture projects subserve projects with a lifetime guarantee. They are combined with the complete aesthetics of natural wood with natural figures on WPC.

It carries an overall density of 0.55 to 0.85 which gives an everlasting experience to a design that stays young! With virgin polymers in their composition, Ecoste WPC doors are waterproof and termite-proof for decades who do not lose their dimensional stability at all!

You have a grown culture with you that has come up with innovations to answer all your intricacies with the right aggregate of resources. As in India, monsoons are already handling the aftereffect of climate variation. Thus, the season cycles have also stirred but something that has not transferred from the basic cavemen to today’s modern human race is – safety from the rain, storm, thunderstorms.

It is necessary to make the right decision for the doors and materials to be used in your spaces. WPC is gaining more popularity day by day for the equivalent since the enforcement features of the WPC doors are unmatched.

Here, we will know about the major reasons to choose WPC as the perfect choice for doors.

  • Ecoste WPC material doors require zero maintenance as they do not rot, swell, wither or warp once fixed.
  • The material is tough and its durability works extensively as harsh weather conditions cannot damage its quality!
  • Ecoste WPC door installation is the cheaper choice among the others, such as timber and aluminum as it does not require any water curing or heavy galvanizing treatment to live. Therefore, it is a cost-effective option to choose from.
  • It requires effortless manufacturing and installation and does not require any chemicals like other conventional doors.
  • It contributes towards UV protection and therefore can shield from the harmful radiations of the sun.
  • The products of wood polymers are also resistant to saltwater and defend against insects/pests. Therefore, WPC comes below the section of high in density material which is definitely durable and herculean.
  • They can resist high pressure and are henceforth long-lasting.

Ecoste WPC doors arrive in a class of color possibilities. Colour never fades on WPC, hence making it all look refreshing and natural. Now, homeowners want colors that complement the theme of their dwellings and want many color variations for their doors. Ecoste WPC makes the paint get bound to itself, making it hard to fade off over time.

With all the above-mentioned properties of Ecoste WPC Doors, Institutional architects find them a superior choice for their precious designs that contributes in taking their projects top-notch!
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