Why Every Builder & Architect Should Choose WPC GRILLS For Maximum Profit

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When making a checklist of tasks, we understand how important it is for you to manage all your hand hassles and make it through the deadlines. WPC Grills are one of those bolt solutions that will not just help you to meet deadlines but will help you maximize profits out of your spaces/projects! Let’s learn how…

MPC/WPC, a Trusted Product of India

Trust helps to cement relations by gluing a society united, which enables people to feel safe as they continue to live and work as a team. You’ll want the same amount of time and vitality in a product that is put in for your design or construction in a building and keeping the trust of your clients as well at the same time.

In our journey of gracious 8 years, Ecoste is the first company to innovate WPC Grills. This effortless plug & play installation-based product has demanded a humongous supply for the quantity of 25 lakh sq ft. PAN India has contributed to our pleasing testimonials! By keeping the track records of our WPC Grill applications, of the nation’s best architects and 150+ builders PAN India decided to invest their trust in us for the successful completion of their projects! And if they have received appreciation, through our solutions then we will be happy enough to help you as well. 

Track records to track notes for WPC Grill Applications

Architects believe that the edge designing part in each project comes with the responsibility of assuring that their client’s needs are satisfied and the essence of their design is also supported throughout the project.

By our breakdown of research about your pain areas, we aim to provide not just product but the necessary solutions that will help you in the long run to satisfy your client’s wishes. You will be amazed to know that this innovation of WPC Grills has impressed our valuable 100+ Builders of the building material industry that in itself, a credential! With constant track records, you can look into our WPC grill applications that are still standing strong without any damages! Along with precious testimonials, project’s case studies, and site images it will help you think better like how have we set the bar above the competition of the markets all over India.

Even if you want an eco-friendly product then also you have the option of WPC Grills which are IGBC & Griha approved, which helps an architect to enjoy its added advantage for improving the green ratings of their spaces. If you are taking up any green project, WPC Grills will be the one-stop green solution to embrace your interiors/exterior designs.

A composition for a Generations

In today’s time, engineers and architects prefer a product that is light in weight, a product that does not increase any dead load weight of a building! Being the best substitute of heavy conventional grills like GRC, brick, or MS Grills, as WPC Grills cuts immeasurable weight, as well as workmen, costs by 3x, that gives them a long-lasting solution to their projects.

Even when it comes to the handling of a product, it becomes nasty for a fabricator to work on the product’s installation, reading and understanding assembly instructions, ensuring that the required parts are present, and meeting quality control standards.

For a builder, at times their budget of fabrication becomes unmanageable, and managing it becomes a tedious task! But as WPC grills are made of 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives, this helps a fabricator to work hassle-free with its exceptional composition.

With a handful end to end manufacturing, Ecoste WPC Grills becomes ready to install! And now with this resizing is a bonus compliment that enables your carpenter to resize the borders of the WPC grill or attain the required perforation easily with the help of a panel saw or can apply a plain trim for resizing without going to the sight of manufacturing. Therefore, months of precious time can be saved and your contractors and fabricators will also be delighted to achieve better ratings to acquire more future projects increasing their revenues too.

No more Aching Budget Stories

In many of our previous projects, our valuable clients have encountered our solutions mostly when either they were shifting from a conventional product towards an engineered solution or opting for a solution to maximize profits!

We understand your pain area that seems to eliminate constant maintenance that requires notorious labor involvement and conventional materials especially Wood and Timber based products requiring extended timelines. This creates a great dependence on the carpenter’s work throughout the year to fix difficulties arising every other day, considering the size of your project. But WPC Grills being a fix & forget application, allows you to easily screw and unscrew your grill to fix minor problems that are not possible in conventional grills like GRC, etc.

Also being a Standardized Engineered Product, all the architects and group housing builders get here an added benefit of a product that will cut the hassles of uneven grill designs! With a guarantee of 0.1-micron precision, you will receive an exact customization finish according to your respective requirements for aesthetic interior or exterior applications.

If you dig deeper then you will find out that WPC grills are one of those time savers that cut short it’s assembling as well as installation time! Being a fast product, these grills enable a builder to complete its project well in time due to its plug & play installation and timely delivery by Ecoste will help you stand before the parameters of RERA, absolutely!

This gives a big advantage to the end-users too. Once fixed we are sure that this WPC grill innovation choice will give you freedom from no more aching budget stories and calls of despair, for sure.

WPC Grills that thrills

For architects and group housing builders a product that is revolutionary and gives their designs, projects, elevations, etc., an edge over the competition! Ecoste WPC Grills fits best in all spheres where aesthetic themes are planned to uplift a design or to add a cover to your spaces. If you are looking for a product that is made to take the wind pressure at high-rise buildings then your hunt stops here with WPC Grills! When expressing about painting ‘WPC Grills’ for an appealing look, you will save a lot here! It’s a definite yes that WPC grills solve the need for paint which eliminates the time spent on miscellaneous activities during painting because of its glossy finish.


So, WPC grills have grabbed your time to gear up and invite more revenues, more profits, and more fun in designing your spaces to invite profitable investments for your prosperous future!

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