Why Choose MS Frames, When you have a Better Alternative!

Ms frame has been a preference of group housing builders and architects for their larger than life projects that have given their spaces an upliftment with its strength! But everything comes with its limited joy experience that somehow loses its charm over time.

In this blog, we will help you know a better alternative solution that is made to justify your spaces just the way you put your heart in making them.

Now you have a chance to compare MS frame with another herculean material known as WPC frame that is made to sustain for a longer period without any hassles.

MS frames are the one that is being used widely in low-cost housing complexes and in government projects as a substitute for timber door frames that are giving a strong structure to space but fail to deliver a lifetime of comfort experience with them.

As there was no emergence of WPC material, MS door frames were a choice to pick! So let’s start with the major differences that give you a vivid choice to look for a suitable option for your spaces…

1. Weight and density that will work for your spaces:

The weight of WPC door frames is gradually less than the weight of MS frames. If you go for a product that is heavier and is strong at the same time then you need to keep one thing in mind that that product will contribute to giving your spaces A comfortable experience or not. When you apply a heavy product in your spaces they result in increasing the dead load of the building which causes damages in the long run but if you choose a product that is right for space then you won’t find any room for disdain. WPC door frames are light in weight that are made by keeping in mind their composition that will help an architect find the best product for their spaces at one time.

2. Painting and Priming on the product:

Once MS frames are manufactured and assembled a contractor has to make sure their quality does not deteriorate when installing them. Once they are installed it becomes mandatory for a contractor to make sure a handful amount of priming and painting is done to give a pleasing look to the frames that contribute to more expenses being spent on MS frames respectively. But with WPC door frames from manufacturing to its installation painting becomes an added advantage for the contractor to apply! So if there is no need for painting or priming then you will be saving your time, cost, and labor by 3x.

3. Aesthetics that adds life to designs:

MS frames were made to substitute Timber door frames and to provide a wooden look on them has never been possible with grace. As they are made of solid Steel it becomes difficult to maintain the aesthetic value of that product which is hard. You can paint them in solid colors but to create a ravishing look there is a lot of effort required that most of the time does not provide good results! With WPC door frames aesthetics has never been a problem to create, as they are an engineered, prefinished product they are qualified to provide aesthetic advantages to the designs wherever they get installed into.

4. Does your choice match with interiors?

Choosing the right product is what cost always talks about in its videos! The right product is that product that has substance to sustain and remain versatile for generations. Finding the right product is always a big task for architects for their creative spaces they create. WPC door frames have been made by keeping in mind the aesthetic of interiors and exteriors. Being an all-rounder product WPC door frames match interiors and exteriors spaces as they can be painted or designed as per the desire of a space which makes them a better product than MS frames.

5. Moisture, a quality destroyer:

Moisture is available in every kind of atmosphere whether indoors or outdoors. Door frames have always been losing their quality and aesthetics due to the moisture content that comes over them and takes away their shine! Similarly in MS frames, moisture becomes their enemy that slowly and gradually destroys their quality by making them brought over some time. But with WPC door frames moisture has never been a problem that one will face when they choose to install WPC door frames in their projects. This is because of its hybrid composition the virgin polymers that make them waterproof and weather-resistant as well.

It’s been successful years of Ecoste, WPC door frames where all of our clients have experienced a lifetime guarantee from maintenance that has given them profit rise in their business of construction.

From manufacturing and assembling to its installation WPC door frames have been winning throughout. They are highly moisture-proof termite-proof and bank class fire-retardant that is present to give end-users and experience of fix and forget..!

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