Why are our WPC door frames meant for visionary Architects ?

We understand that architects are licensed professionals, qualified in the art and science of building designs who exhibit the theories for construction and turn those theories into models and designs.

Ecoste has served 4700 clients including 370 of the nation’s best architects over the last 8 years. With this, our expertise has evolved and we have begun on a journey of transforming the right conventional idea of how a house is furnished and made alive using new substitutes of materials previously used, especially replacing Wood with WPC and MPC, which have exceptional traits and are more contemptible. So  it’s time to pick  that product which becomes the stallion of the race! 

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) is an innovative solution for the conventional materials that are being preferred in the building material industry. There are many companies who take a deeper dig in trusting an architect’s designs. But WPC door frames solve those hurdles of trust issues in one go due to its compositional traits. 

One of the obvious questions is whether or not your carpenter will be able to install this new product efficiently? Are the specific different machines needed for WPC door frame’s installation? Well worry not, we have answered it, here for you in this blog.  

WPC Door Frame applications are one way around the box that is an innovative, green, and futuristic solution to solve concrete problems in the long run! 

Picking the right composition is a must, one thing that you need to make sure, is that your door frame should not be made out of door sheets as a door jam. With this, it is recommended that the product WPC door frame has to be encapsulated on the 6 ends which is a pre extruded product having the same glossy finish on all the sides.

Time is the most significant constraint that determines the completion of a product. So whenever an architect is using WPC door frames in their designs , it is definitely time-saving.  WPC is the best solution when you want to save time or you are running short of time because its manufacturing, assembling is effortless, and its installation is absolutely plug-and-play. Eliminating the time spent on a product to make it look eye-soothing gives a thumbs up to the carpenter and cuts off the planning of necessary bills of an architect that becomes a pain area to the architect! 

Another striker that pokes an architect is ‘Customer Satisfaction’. An architect’s level of satisfaction comes when their design meets the wants of their customers and to make sure they are happy then an architect has to closely analyze all the Pros and Cons of their chosen product. When a customer starts enjoying their stay, they often become incautious. These are the times when hazards get invited! Exclude such pokers with a door frame that comes with a full cover! 

WPC door frames are 100% termite and borer attack-free, notably waterproof, and an A-Class fire retardant to all interior and exterior applications. So it’s time for your designs to be happy-go-lucky with WPC door frames! Once applied, WPC becomes a fix and forget solution to an architect due to its brilliant composition. 

Timber, UPVC, and FRP are some of the most preferred products of the decades that have been used to manufacture door frames. But they are the ones which need attention due to their nature and effects of the external environment on them. And the worse part is, they slowly end up in bending/warping or receiving cracks, that make them appear insensitive to the walls, doors, and windows where applied. Being an engineered product, WPC stands out from the crowd of conventional products. Engineered here means that there will not be an error of efforts where anybody can find an ‘mm’ gap! Wooden frames or any other conventional product that comes to the stage of its testing generally fails to deliver the desired requirement. Its compositions sometimes consist of a lot of variations because of its dimensional stability it cannot be maintained as it is a nature’s product! WPC, is a result of a successful grind that is made for modern structures and the modern construction industry to beautify their spaces. 

Now let’s talk about what happens when a door frame is residing in the space, and life goes on…! You might be thinking that how is this possible or maybe we are saying this hypothetically. But that’s not true here.  

When timber, UPVC, or FRP door frames are applied, certain damages happen to the door frames over a period of time that damage the quality of the product. Then you either plan to manage your budget for its timely renovations or you replace them with heavy labor and costs. 

Believe it or not, WPC is a one-time investment for priceless satisfaction! Why?… Because WPC is far from all the inclusive expenses that gets ejected once, it is installed in your designs. All means all, even WPC will help you cut off the last-minute panics that sometimes stress you about the RERA parameters. 

WPC Products are GRIHA & IGBC Certified that not only just improve your space’s green ratings but also generate value towards your exceptional work by contributing towards sustainable development.

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