Why Ace Group chose Ecoste WPC Grills

Today you will discover the ‘importance of the right application’ of a product! But first, let’s take a look at who is ‘The Ace Group’ and what is it all about!

Ajay Choudhary, Chairman and Managing Director at Ace Group India


The ACE Group is one of the topmost reputed architects in Noida, which has always been artistic, innovative, and resourceful in the real estate advancements of the Delhi NCR region. The Ace Group is known for its world-class designs and professionalism. They deliver all the projects on a timely basis and with top-quality products. Their primary business is the development of residential and commercial projects that consist of modern standards.

The Ace group builders are known for their luxurious, eye-catching dream spaces they build that define class and professionalism in one go! The Ace Group resides its Real Estate creations in the heart of Noida that intends to serve primarily in residential & commercial projects.

Enriched with all modern amenities in their projects so far, The Ace Group invested their trust in Ecoste for their plumbing shaft coverings and aesthetic beautification of elevations.

Now you must be thinking about how this profound architectural group encountered Ecoste?

The Ace Group is one of Ecoste’s closest projects. A Group Housing Project with 2, 3 & 4 BHK with all world-class comforts. A Premium and a high-end project of 32 residential stories with 998 flats with lush green surroundings residing in the fortitude of Sec 77 Noida, India by Architect Hafeez, Contractor. 

When Ace Group planned about putting their vision into reality, they were clear about their application of GRC Grills to their high-rise building elevations. But 32 Stories is a challenge for almost many architects but sooner or later they knew, GRC Grills have weight and its weight will become a rock in the process of its installation! 

The Ace group was clear about their application of GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) Grills to their high-rise building elevations but the installation of GRC Grills in 32 stories towers needed due attention and more resources from the store!

In the past also, we have provided successful applications of WPC grills to our clients that have cut short the large numbers of money, labor, and cost pains because of WPC Grills, you will enjoy its Plug & Play installation in all your projects, that is absolutely a relief from all your installation hassles…

The Ace Group landed at the right place for accomplishing its aspirations of timely installation and managed its cost-saving checklists! We at Ecoste aim to provide not just its products but holistic solutions for ages.

As the management was searching for the right product for their prestigious project for a quantity of 65,000sq. ft. of grills which were to be manufactured & installed in 4 Months, which became an agonizing task.

Last but not least the Ace Group wanted to get a product that didn’t require multiple vendors, and procuring GRC from a single vendor was a worry as quality differs from one vendor to another!

But at the same time, they had a thought in the back of their mind, that they should find a substitute of GRC that will benefit them to save their costs, won’t get brittle like GRC and reduce their efforts too at the same time!      

Let us tell you a prompt fact, not just the weight of GRC Grills, its cost on installation and timely finish become a hurdle for Architects because of its bulkiness & rigidity, which is prone to breakage.

When choosing exterior applications, you need to check the entire Pros & Cons of the product to eliminate head – poking issues in its applications!

Not just installation, the manufacturing process is tiresome and not automated which requires intensive time & labour, which sweats the pockets.

The number one challenge that the Ace group faced was the quality inconsistency of GRC Grills that we found. They needed a product that is manufactured indigenously, fast and is procured from a single source which is a herculean task in the case of GRC.

Ace Group’s encounter with Ecoste happened because they needed a solution and we believe in providing not just products but holistic solutions by understanding their pain areas.

By taking care of their budget, labour, and timely installation, we offered them the 18 MM Grill & since the product was new to them in 2016, they preferred similar grills at the best price available.

Given its strength and density, Ecoste WPC Grills stands out amongst others as it is 3x lighter than conventional GRC/metal options and reduces the dead load of the building by nearly 1/3. Being water and termite-proof, it can withstand extreme climatic conditions with utmost ease without any breakage or fading in interiors and exteriors alike for years.

If you will dig deeper, then you will find that the WPC grill’s lightweight eliminates the challenges of installation, saving costs, time & physical efforts and, the factory cut exact customized sizes as per each shaft making the installation absolutely plug & play. Moreover, the site team had great ease to screw the grill and were happy to know that they could unscrew it as many times needed for a lifetime when cleaning shafts.

Last, but not least, with customized length & widths for all plumbing shafts…..this solution for them became a satisfying blessing for the project removing the hassles of renovations permanently!

The Ultra-White Ecoste filler Ex technology allows the elevations to glam forever, with its never-fading whiteness & brightness, the group improved their green ratings with eco-friendly WPC grills which are GRIHA & IGBC certified.

The WPC Grills application was a one-stop solution for ACE Group, but we believe to serve everyone with the solutions that will give all our clients priceless satisfaction. Ecoste would be the happiest if it will serve you with its solutions that do not just solve a purpose but are for generations to come!

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