Transform your designs with WPC Grills

Space is just a space till the magic wand of an architect’s imagination does not swish it!

The methods of using grills came to India at an indeterminate age but were spread by the Mughals in their constructions and designs. Over the years, it drove the screen through which high-born empires or royals ladies, who were supposed to live in purdah, glanced at the world outside from.

How enthralling it is to look at the vibrant history of grill applications that have been practiced to embrace spaces for bringing out the best from an architect’s imagination and creativity!

Ecoste WPC Grills are one of those aesthetic innovations that have embraced designs of all the architects and group housing builders for the past 8 years. With an exceptional composition and herculean traits, these grills “invite profitable projects” by enhancing a space, said by our valuable clients!

Our WPC grills are made of 70% virgin polymer composite, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives that make its composition profound for your projects. To stand tall in all types of climatic conditions whether light or harsh, with its glossy look throughout.

Here are few impressions that will help you to transform your buildings through aesthetic grill applications.

Exterior Beautifications

From giving a stunning expression to the exterior applications like shafts covering, screening, boundary walls, ceilings or railing solutions that take a dead load in high-rise buildings, Ecoste WPC grills are made for architects and builders to uplift their designs and spaces.

High Altitude Beautification

The number one challenge of group housing builders is to find a product that is light in weight and can be fixed in high-rise buildings. So WPC grills become a one-stop solution for the anxious. These grills not only just fix well but also maintain the standards that beautify buildings.

Stack Ventilation

Direct ventilation is one of the most crucial methods to reduce energy regulation in architecture. If the cooling ability of ambient air can be harnessed to improve indoor thermal warmth, then the requirement for power-driven space conditioning will diminish. With the help of the WPC grill application that comes in 300+ designs and can be customized will help you experience natural ventilation and would add a touch of aesthetic too in your space.

Bend it, Clad it, Shape it

WPC grills are a gracious solution to all designs that require innovation, creativity, and planning to embrace a space! To satisfy this purpose of an architect, the WPC grill is the most suitable choice that enables you to work on your design completely because it does not loosen up its characteristic attributes which make them stand out from the crowd of conventional products!

Enhance Interior Aesthetics

WPC Grills is an artistic interior product and can be utilized in many applications indoors. WPC grills can be used in a variety of ways as interiors solutions, eg. partitions, for creating patterns in bedrooms or spacious spaces, imagery in a commodity exhibition, for giving a dramatic impact in spaces, and in the door, applications to beautify.

So, it is your time to hold the magic wand and swish it in your designs and embrace your canvas, watch the video and enhance your vision with Ecoste..!

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