Top 5 High-Quality Wood Polymer Composite Products

Wood Polymer Composite or WPC is an emerging material and the best substitute to conventional material that is made to deliver long-lasting projects!

With its growing demand, WPC products are becoming amongst the first choice of architects, builders, and individuals, who are doing great market research about the quality of WPC products. The WPC products are popular for application in interiors/exteriors of both residential and commercial projects in different countries across the globe due to their unique composition that sustains.

Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite has come up with 5 top wood polymer composite products, which are unbeatable in quality that makes them stand strongly above the competition!

The top 5 high-quality composite wood products / WPC products are as follows:

1. WPC Boards or Wood Plastic Composite Boards

The Wood Polymer Composite Boards are also referred to as WPC Boards / WPC sheets which come in beige and white color. These WPC boards comes in sizes of 2440mm*1220mm/ 8ft*4ft with the available thickness of 5, 6, 7.5, 11, 12, 17 & 18 mm respectively. The composite wood material can be painted in any color of one’s choice and likability. Being one of the top composite wood products/ WPC products, their application doesn’t give any pain to the customer. All the carpentry tools can be used on these boards, which are highly durable, strong, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. The wood polymer composite boards are 100% termite proof, waterproof, fire-retardant, UV resistant, and recyclable. Their applications are diverse, as they can be installed in the cabinets, bookshelves, vanities, wardrobes, bathrooms, etc.

2. WPC Jali / Grill or CNC Jali

The Ecoste WPC jali is another leading and top-quality composite wood products / WPC products marking attention because of their eye-catching looks. They are intriguing because of the availability of numerous designs that could be customized according to the order.

The Ecoste WPC jali is a complete substitute to GRC, FRP, cement, and MDF jali. They can be used in both the interiors and exteriors of the buildings. The thickness is available between 6 mm – 30 mm for application in both interiors and exteriors of the buildings, while it is recommended to go for 18 mm thickness for application in the exteriors. The finishing done by Ecoste’s CNC machine center gives 0.6-micron precision cutting that gives its designs breath-taking, accurate, and entrancing. Being the composite wood product, the Ecoste PVC jali contains titanium dioxide which makes it UV resistant and successfully passes the Xenon Arc Test, approved by the Delhi Government Test House Laboratory.

3. WPC Wall Panels

a) Deco-Panels-decorative wall panels:

Ecoste’s Deco panels or 2D panels are highly responsible for
taking the aesthetics of the residential and commercial complexes to another level. They bring a creative look to the interiors and exteriors. The decorative panels are available in a range of 12 designs, being ideal for wall paneling on the walls and ceilings. They are a paintable, waterproof, termite-proof, and recyclable product, having no hazardous chemical involved in their making.
This makes them amongst the leading composite WPC products, motivating the customers to bring their creative side out while designing the look and feel of their homes and offices.

b) CLAD – EX – 3D Wall Panels:

The CLAD – EX 3D wall panels are also suitable for application in the interiors of the residential and commercial properties and in the exteriors as building elevation. It gives a creative picture and representation to the appearance of the interiors and exteriors, being one of the front runner WPC products. The 3D decorative panel is paintable using sprays and is a perfect product for cladding and elevation. It is UV resistant and fire retardant, requiring low maintenance and cost-effectiveness in comparison to other cladding products.

4. WPC Doors and WPC Solid Doors

The WPCdoors and WPC solid doors are beige, being one of the top-quality WPC products having a high density of 0.55, 0. 65 and 0.75 that come with a high screw holding capacity due to Ecoste’s Dura – Cap Technology. This points towards the high strength of the WPC doors. The WPC doors and WPC solid doors are manufactured as an engineered product, which does not require any laminates or veneers, to save from contact with water or termite attack. While the customers are searching for waterproof plywood, the wood polymer composite WPC doors are the best pick for them! They are paintable, in case the customers want to paint the doors
according to the theme of the interior design. Ecoste is the trusted WPC board manufacturer in India, offering only tested and sound WPC products to customers across India.

5. WPC Door Frames:

The WPC door frame is a complete substitute for the wooden door frame and UWP windows and frames. The WPC door frame has a density of 0.85 which is almost double the density of good quality wood. WPC door frames are available in all sizes like 75* 44mm, 75* 50mm, 90*45mm, 100*50mm, 100* 63mm, 125*63mm, and 150* 60mm, respectively.

Hence, the above-mentioned top-quality WPC products are competent in taking the interiors and exteriors of the establishments to a greater level.

On selection of these products for one’s home or office, the customers can be proud of getting the green products. Above all, the WPC products mentioned above are recyclable and biodegradable.

The wood polymer composite (WPC) products constitute 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder, and the rest 15% additives.

In the present age, it is very important to follow sustainable development objectives and Ecoste products are based on the same lines to preserve our environment at its best.

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