Top 3 High-Quality WPC Curtaining Solutions for your Designs

In the wake of the high style that is attached to the WPC wall panels, there is no doubt over the fact that they are the future of wall paneling/ curtaining in India.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best WPC wall curtaining ideas that you should count on while the construction and renovation of your home interiors and exteriors are taking place.

Curtaining with 3D designs to add an effect of drama and vibrance!

3D designs are one of the most attractive choices of quirky homes that love to add a plot twist in the boring rooms…

To assist you CladEx Wall Solutions are unique in their presentation and specifications that come in the best-handpicked designs.

They come as a pre-finished product, which can also be painted according to your likeness and interests. With easy plug & play installation, CladEx is a carpenter-friendly product that helps your carpenter work on it hassle-free.

The fascinating and alluring fact here about 3D wall panels is that they are moisture / waterproof, fire retardant, termite-proof, and a 100% green product made of no harmful chemicals.

Eye Catching Deco – Panels for Space Curtaining

The decorative wall panels or 2D walls have gained the unavoidable limelight of homes by their selective designs that are embracing spaces since the past decades.

To add an aesthetic room curtain with our Deco Panels is done will be quick job possible with white sheets of recommended thickness, which are paintable, scenic, and versatile (i.e, they are durable). Their nature of being 100% water-proof, termite-proof, fire-retardant, and recyclable making them durable and a user-friendly product. The decorative wall panels leave no harmful effect on the health of the living beings since there is the usage of no life-threatening chemicals as is the case with the substitutes of the decorative wall curtains.

To get exquisite wall paneling in the interiors and exteriors of one’s establishments, an individual can find a range of options with WPC wall paneling/curtaining.

WPC Grills, A Cover Less Curtaining for Mood Setting

Now, comes the turn of the WPC Grill that is all set to give an alluring high-tech makeover with its smart CNC technology that delivers well-defined and accurate designs.

The WPC Grill has a lifetime guarantee, being 100% termite proof, waterproof, UV resistant, and fire-retardant.

This curtain solution will give you happy expectations of a neat, precise look to your interiors and exteriors of the place where they are installed. The lightweight WPC Grill is another plus point that you will readily acknowledge.

The top 30 builders of India have approved the Ecoste WPC Grill, because of the fine quality, strength while being one of the best exterior grade products.

These were the 3 high-quality WPC wall curtains that are apt for application in the interiors and exteriors of both homes and offices. Their adaptability to the different weather patterns makes them stand out very responsibly!

The wall curtaining gets an additional advantage when purchased from Ecoste, the leading manufacturer and exporter of WPC and WPC-based products in India.

The customers get a lifetime guarantee on the products when it comes to being waterproof, termite-proof, UV resistant, and fire-retardant whether it is CladEx, Deco Panel, or our WPC grill solution. So it’s your time to make your spaces happy go – lucky!

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