Green Boards from the House of Ecoste

Most of the products we use in our homes are made from wood, which is not a man-made product, but a precious element that is obtained by nature.

Due to the rise in population, the demand for furniture is rising which leads to the cutting of 7 billion trees that are done yearly! If things remain like this, then that day is not far when we will lose the bounties of nature in a snap!

We have discovered a solution to this problem and are presenting a complete substitute to wood, which is 100% man-made material and no harmful chemical has been used for making it.

Even it is a more durable and high-performing material by many times as compared to wood.

For decades, we have been using Plywood and Waterproof Ply by cutting trees and causing harm to the environment, just to make furniture. Even after doing this much, the durability and performance of Plywood and Waterproof Ply are not coming up to our expectations. The furniture made using Plywood gets spoiled by water, moisture, termite attack, and we have no option to save it as this furniture cannot be used even for exterior applications. Over the years of application, the waterproof ply also gets affected by moisture, while the problem of termite attack remains.

This makes Ecoste’s WPC Boards a complete substitute to Plywood and Waterproof Ply.

WPC Boards for all types of Furniture
Ecoste can make any furniture type, given the strength the WPC Boards possess. Using WPC Boards, we can make any furniture in any size like 8-feet long shutters of wardrobes, bed, modular kitchen, etc. The best part is that the WPC Boards are 100% carpenter friendly, as there is no extra knowledge required for a carpenter when working with wood polymer composites material.

WPC Boards for Curtaining, Wall paneling, and Beautifying Ceilings
We can create partitions and can do wall paneling in spaces with Ecoste WPC Boards exquisitely. Even we can make storerooms, mobile toilets, guardrooms, night shutters, treehouses, etc.

We have taken the quality of WPC Board to that level where it has become an Exterior Grade Material which is 100% waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant, Paintable, and Highly Durable.

It’s time to solve your thoughts that are in the back of your mind about WPC Boards, so let us start!

Do WPC Boards have a good screw holding capacity?

Yes, Ecoste serves you with the best. We believe in giving a solution not just a product. Ecoste WPC Boards are made with high-density, Dura Cap Technology which helps screws make their grip that does not allow them to come out and create hassles.

Do WPC Boards bend?
Honesty comes first for us, WPC boards can bend when the right density of the product is not used for an application. We have different variants in density and thickness and we always make sure to recommend the right density for the right application. Our WPC Boards sustain because of the smart composition that makes them last long throughout.


Yes, WPC Boards are 100% carpenter friendly, as there is no extra knowledge required in their case. Carpenters can use their regular woodworking tools on WPC Boards, which they commonly use on other conventional products.

Are WPC Boards Paintable?
Yes, WPC Boards are 100% Paintable and we recommend using only oil-based paint for the best appealing finish.

Can We Paste Laminates or Veneers on WPC Board?

Yes, we can paste Laminate or Veneer on the WPC Board using the LOHMAN “Laminate Bonding Tape”.

So get your Interiors & Exteriors and quick makeover with WPC applications in your spaces!

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