Give your Walls a 3D Touch with the Right Wall Panelling Solution

You must have dreamt of having a home that is addressed by its design and building material, when it comes to beauty and artistic representation.

Today, we will give you an informative tour of some wall panelling solutions that will broaden your vision and let you know you’re right to lead you in a profitable direction.

High-Pressure Laminates:

The High-Pressure Laminates or HPL are 6 to 8 mm compressed, which appear in a pre-finished design made of wood grains available in solid colors.

On average, the high-pressure laminates start to bulge and bend when applied in an exterior application and in a maximum of 3 years it becomes to fade, where change in dimensional stability is also witnessed.

With a continuous review, these laminates are best recommended to be applied in interior applications as wall paneling or in-ceiling beautification.

Fiber Cement Planks:

The Fiber Cement Planks are precise and heavy which are available in a wood-grain composition and can be colored in any desired colors or patterns.

The installation of Fiber Cement Planks is costly and can make you encounter fatigue in managing labor cost, time, and efforts as they are heavy and are prone to be breakable.

This is because fiber cement needs more manpower to deliver and install, this causes labor costs unreasonably high. These costs can be two to three times higher to deliver the best!

Slim Tiles:
The Slim Tiles are also referred to as Lamium, where no further surface treatments are needed in its installation.

The only thing which can hurt you is that these are expensive. So, they weigh heavily on the pockets when selected for the application of your design, and when choosing to apply, you have to pick the right sizes to avoid the fuss of breaking as they require precautions that need to be carried out when installing!

Brazilian Wood (eBay Wood):

Brazilian wood is also known as eBay wood. Their major advantage is that their application gives a wooden expression to the residential or commercial spaces.

To maintain their glow in your design, you need to get it polished and re-waxed after every 2 years. This gives a hurdle in the way of architects where they shift their preference to a low maintenance product!

Aluminum Composite Panel :
Aluminum Composite Panels come in a variety of seamless finishes.

Aluminum Composite Panels come in a variety of seamless finishes. They are sandwich panels including two aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. It is extensively applied as a popular building cladding material for modern buildings.

As aluminum is a solid material it is suspected to get dents during storms and heavy rains. The joints have to be correctly sealed and enough waterproofing has to be done so that there is no water penetration into the building during times of rain throughout the year.

CLAD-EX 3D Wall Panels
Ecoste 3D wall panels give 3-Dimensional look to your spaces. This further adds a greater aesthetic value to your establishments, both the residential and commercial spaces when installed in interiors & exteriors both.

The CLAD-EX 3D wall panels are made with 70% virgin polymers, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives which gives them excellent dimensional stability, density, and durability to remain sustainable and versatile for an ever-lasting experience.

Also, they are 100% paintable, 100% termite-proof, waterproof, and fire retardant that comes with a lifetime guarantee!

So it’s time to grab the best option to embrace your designs with and let your space talk about you and your aesthetics.

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