Fabulous Bathrooms Deserves A Universal Design Checklist

Let’s drive to the past and remember the making of the Model-T FORD that began coming off the arrangement line Mr. Ford famously transcribed that you can have any color you want as long as it is black! That doesn’t work anymore mainly in the constructed environment settings.

Exploring a source that allows multiple material and construction opportunities will give architects a consummate palette to choose from!

Going for the Right Material

Every building has a novel use prototype, and even distinct sections within the same building – structure should be seen through a different lens as it links to the types of products and materials in bathrooms.

So when seeking washroom accessories, toilet partitions/curtaining, or even cabinets, one of the prime principles when deciding quality WPC manufacturers, should be settling for whether or not, they have a variety of WPC products in their offering (such as curtaining solutions, doors & door frames or wall cladding aesthetics), so that you have a full suite of advantages with which you can create your design as per your vision.

Choice matters—make certain you have lots of it. Collaborate with us as we support in supplying quality manufactured WPC products that become a solution for the architect’s vision!

Toilet Partitions Material and Aesthetic Quotient Choices

Partitions make one of the most significant visuals and material influences in the bathroom completely because they take up a lot of the real estate. There are numerous material options: powder-coated, stainless steel, dense plastic, and plastic laminate. Each has its strengths and their versatility, and each performs particular tasks in various bathroom applications.

But choosing WPC Boards for this type of application becomes a smart choice! As they are:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Durable & Long-lasting
  • And remain Vibrant & Glossy throughout!

The way partitions are placed can also ascertain the readiness of maintenance and the kinds of cleaning products the end-user can use.

The Design Checklist

Let’s quickly go through a checklist to support your creation of designing a space that is both aesthetically delightful as well as functionally fit.

Below are some of the key factors that develop a good bathroom design, and we will examine how they intertwine…

1. Privacy

This is not an optional trait. Luckily, privacy can be guaranteed with a good design and precise installation. However uneven floors or differences in wall cladding dimensions during installation can cause gaps within the doors and pilasters, and can indeed cause locking mechanisms to get arbitrated if the stalls are installed crooked!

If there is a matter of concern that following, a good alternative would be to designate modern-style partitions that are specified by high density for both doors and panels, adjustable pedestals to adjust for rugged floors, superior fittings, and routed corners at sightlines connecting doors and pilasters that exclude visibility into the stalls.

2. Safety

Mitigating safety risks from uncertainties, such as improper screw holding capacity that can result in unexpected accidents, are a function of good design. One tip is to create vanities with quality WPC along with an optimal quotient inserted sink cabinets and the number of drying stations, as well as their place, to diminish the chances of water from dripping hands ending up on the floor.

3. Codes for Ease

i) Accessibility: Guaranteeing convenience for people with every type of physical understanding is fundamental. If manufacturers of washroom assistants don’t have the knowledge or wisdom to engage novel requirements, defining products that adhere to local requirements can be a hurdle. Careful deliberation of product selection will generate a safe space for all.

ii) Fire standards: There are few standard test methods used to measure the level of fire protection of interior finishes. Tests that ensure the surface burning aspects of construction materials or which regulates the enrichment of interior finish materials to room fire extension during a particularized fire exposure circumstances. Make sure that you practice the most rigorous testing practices to adhere to the highest standards of fire security.

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