Ecoste WPC jali/Grill: Know it all

Ecoste’s WPC Jali is a recommended product for architects that are being used explicitly, including decorative marriage tents, room/cabin partitions, hotels/restaurants/bars, both in the interiors and exteriors.

WPC Jali’s are embracing projects to their best! Being a smooth and impeccable product, giving grace to the building, and forming its new definition.

Ecoste WPC Jali is here to win the hearts, by being 100% waterproof, termite-proof, fire retardant, and recyclable, in addition to being a completely green product. The WPC Jali has a multitude of applications, becoming the first perfect choice of group housing builders in covering the plumbing shafts in group housing and commercial spaces. As the elevation gets enhanced and so does the facade when it comes to the appearance of the WPC jali when installing which is absolutely plug & play. They can also be used in place of the glass railings, to give an embellishing look!

Ecoste WPC Grills/Jali’s are available in glossy white color, available in customizable sizes, with a 6-18 mm thickness for interiors & 18 mm thickness for exterior application. With this, Ecoste provides seamless CNC jali cutting according to your preferable applications with due help support till its installation!

Presently, most people want to give their interiors and exteriors creative and enticing looks… Along with it, they also expect a good quality product that is also strong and durable that will also be pocket-friendly in the long run. In comparison to the MDF jali design, WPC jali gets the upper hand. This is because, WPC jali comes with a lifetime guarantee of being moisture-proof, which is not the case with MDF jali design. Certain chemicals which are hazardous to the health and well-being of human beings like formaldehyde, etc., are used in the MDF jali design. MDF jali swells up when it is dipped in the water, moreover, it gets attacked by termites in the long run.

Whereas, the WPC jali is free of any kind of hazardous chemicals. The WPC jali can be used without painting, as it comes as a complete product for both interior and external use. It is UV resistant, which helps maintain its gleam and beauty over a long period.

All these points suggest that the PVC-based product is easy to maintain in comparison to its substitutes. To know more reasons why WPC jali is a better pick than the MDF jali, you can check the complete advantages.

The top builders of India have approved the CNC jali cutting designs of the Ecoste WPC jali and are thrilled about using it to enrich the interiors and exteriors of their building projects.

Ecoste is a leading and amongst the oldest manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers of WPC jali all over India. This has been possible only due to the trust of the valued customers.

Hence, knowing all these exciting facts about the WPC jali, through our video and get them to beautify your projects and spaces!

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