Damp Proofing Walls: Never been this Easy!

Have you ever seen walls that are damaged due to moisture or get seepage over a period of time when they are not taken care of? You must have seen people talking about priming or doing waterproofing methods for their residential or commercial space’s walls so that the enchanting look of their walls that got lost could be regained!

Dampness problems are mostly faced by everyone and the story becomes horrible or even terrible at times where you have to make a good impression on your guests but due to unusual circumstances you don’t find time to fix that problem.

But first, it is very important to know the problem before, then to look for methods to correct it. Damp proofing or a Damp-Proof in building structures is a sort of moisture control practiced to a structure’s walls and floors to block moisture from passing into the interior or exterior spaces.

Through this blog, we would like to help you to acknowledge the problem of dampness that comes in your spaces and invites troubles of a bad reputation in your life.

There are many factors that cause dampness in spaces whether in interiors or in exteriors which becomes havoc to deal with or even to look at! Below we have prepared a list of the causes that requires your attention for a better understanding, where does the dampness come from!

Causes of dampness:
• Moisture growing the walls from ground
• Rain coming from wall tops
• Rain whipping against external walls
• Poor drainage at the building locality
• Poor building foundation installations

Now that you have the causes of dampness, it’s time to understand how dampness in spaces affects you and your precious residential or commercial spaces. So, that the more you know, the better you will find a solution to such a problem that will not stand in front of you again in the future!

Effects of dampness
• Breeding of organisms
• Moisture problems, unsightly patches, softening of plaster
• May cause efflorescence; disintegration of stones, bricks
• Cause of rusting and corrosion of metal installations
• Damaged floor coverings

There have been many approaches for curing dampness in spaces and waterproofing or chemical treatment on walls, is one of the methods that has been used so far by people.

Prevailing waterproofing chemicals provide you trifle but worthless waterproofing, which means the returned hassle of every year that you might face again and again. None of these solutions provide you any kind of insurance that will become a long-lasting solution for your spaces.

Similarly, to find a solution you should have proper knowledge about the problem and its background so that you could eliminate it from its root. To do this, we at Ecoste aim to provide solutions and not just products to our precious clients, with our range of high-quality WPC solutions.

Since you might be looking for a total solution, let us tell you that WPC Boards can become the one-time investment that will provide you great returns for the future.

With WPC boards you get many advantages and benefits that give you 100% relief from the problem of dampness in your spaces. Here is how..!

Ecoste Boards are also known as PVC Boards, which are made of 70% virgin polymers, 15% wood powder, and 15% harmful chemical-free additives for safe proof spaces. The average weight of the Ecoste EBRID Board is 37.5 kg which is suitable for your interiors and exteriors spaces for damp proofing. They include acrylic-based impact modifiers which increase the strength of the EBRID Boards, due to which it passes all stability tests including the Xenon Arc Test.

Also, you would be happy to know about the basic features of Ecoste WPC boards which are profound in their composition and bring exceptional characteristics to the table. Here, is the list of its amazing properties that you get when you choose because WPC boards:

They are:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Termite Proof
  • Fire Retardant
  • UV resistant
  • 100% Environment-Friendly
  • Suitable For Both Interior & Exterior
  • High Density & Strength
  • Can Do any color of Paint, PU Gloss, PU Matt, Duco, etc.

Environment-Friendly Suitable For Both Interior & Exterior High Density & Strength
Can Do any color of Paint, PU Gloss, PU Matt, Duco, etc.)

Henceforth, when you choose Ecoste’s  WPC boards you get a guaranteed, 100% high-quality dimensional stability that does not change at all once fixed.

Therefore, dampness has now an amazing, ignorant cure that will give you and your generations a sigh of relief. With Ecoste, you will find an everlasting solution for your interiors and exteriors for the problem of dampness that will last long, truly.

Also, you can watch our video that is there on YouTube grabbing the attention of sufferers of dampness, providing the best of knowledge since long!

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