Confused Between 3D Tiles for Wall & 3D Wall Panels in India? Clear your doubts today!

The best way of getting the fascinating 3D touch in the decoration is by installing wallpapers or having wall paneling done. But today as the building material industry is growing WPC an emerging material has come up with a 3D wall paneling application that is becoming a trend of 2021!

(The Image comprises of 3D designs where the left one are 3D Ceramic tiles and the right ones are 3D wall panels.)

We understand people are in view that 3D tiles for walls act as a remarkable option, but there is a lot you need to know before you make a choice.

Let us start by designing a residential or commercial space, what goes into a person’s mind is a theme that suits aptly with one’s taste of aesthetics and likeness.

Here, 3D tiles for walls fit well and so do 3D wallpapers, but they don’t give a long-lasting look to the walls.

The tiles are available in small sizes, which have to be fixed on the walls. But this doesn’t give the 3D effect when viewed from a shorter distance.

This is not the case with 3D wall panels in India. That is because, the 3D wall panels in India, can be installed as a whole product on the walls and no gaps are visible too. The complete look achieved by 3D wall panels in India makes them a great choice for wall paneling, in comparison to 3D tiles for walls for interiors and exteriors both!

Given a lot of labor required for the application of 3D tiles for walls.

The efforts include that the existing tiles need to be removed from the walls, this makes a lot of noise and spreads smoke around the home.

The wall needs to be cemented equally and the work of craftsmen is required for this. 3D Tiles for walls require more time in the application process in comparison to the time taken to install 3D wall panels in India.

(Costs that matters)

Hence, less cost, time, labor, and effort are required for the installation of 3D wall panels in India.

Patterns/Colours/Designs, this the most essential element that plays an important role in selecting the best product for an everlasting application experience!

There are many designs, patterns, and colors available while picking 3D tiles for walls. But there is no flexibility in the conclusion process because 3D tiles for walls come as a finished product, which does not leave any room for changes!

In the case of 3D wall panels in India, the wall panels come as finished products too, but they can be colored flexibly in any color, pattern, and design as picked by you.

The designs can be made according to the choices you select, so they can too match the wall panels to the themes of the interiors/exteriors of the home and office spaces.

Now it’s time to know about the availability of both of the products..!

There are times when you might not be able to find the designs of your choice while choosing 3D tiles for walls, or it could take a long time for the selected choice of designs. But when it comes to 3D wall panels, selected designs are readily available with us.

Also, if you want customization then yes, it is too readily available which doesn’t take time, as innovative and exclusive technology meets style! CNC machines make the customization seamless and bring the walls the royalty and glory they deserve the most.

Given the above reasons, it is understood that the 3D wall panels in India win over the 3D tiles for walls. Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of enduring and rich-looking 3D wall panels in India, we at Ecoste make sure that the customers are fully satisfied and come back again to select more products.

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