CNC Cutting: A Reinvent in the Wheel of WPC Jali

A hot trend in the Indian market — CNC cutting designs or jali design — has taken residential and commercial spaces by the wind. These intricate designs are versatile and can be practiced to get your space to resemble ethnic or contemporary designs.

Let’s take a deeper dive into knowing what it is?

Intricate CNC jali designs take their prophecy from Mashrabiya — an Arabic expression for lattice-work windows in stone or grove that spread beyond India, all thanks to the Islamic architecture and our Mughal emperors. These designs are impersonated on solid material jalis today to create soothing, mesmerizing trims, and give them a contemporary character.

Where can it be used?
These richly luxuriant and versatile laser-cut WPC jalis are

  • Light in Weight
  • Waterproof
  • Termite proof
  • Fire Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Free

Can be practiced for extravagant interior applications such as on furniture, as room partitions, or even on walls, etc. Back-lit jali and false ceiling jali’s are currently in vogue which is embracing the WPC properties to its best!

What are the popular design options to choose from?
From legendary picks like paisleys to contemporary geometric designs like hexagon lattice, laser cutting makes it all possible. There is a vast range of designs, thickness, and plenty of scope for customization to encompass a space’s design.

Glam up your living room with a jali curtaining

What about the price and material?
The prices can range according to the requirements and complexity of the customization preferred. Some are immediately available on WPC. As for the finishes, for a contemporary allure, you would find most of them painted white but yes you can paint them accordingly too! The best-recommended paints to use are PU Gloss or DUCO paint.

Here, we give you five fabulous ideas to consolidate WPC CNC cutting designs or classic jalis in your spaces:

1. Design your private corners

Maintain privacy

The geometric designs on this laser-cut WPC jalis combine gracefully in this stylish home and separate the living and dining areas without adding visual clutter. The same can effectively be applied in an open layout kitchen.

An intricate jali screen can beautify any room

Manageable floral themes on this jali divider append a charming feel to this space while keeping a likeness of privacy.

2. Striking Backlit Beauty Treatments

Delicate laser-cut WPC motifs are drawn to life with a backlight in this living room. The more intricate the jali work the more astonishing the impression.

Jalis are ideal for mandirs

Back-lit jali is a stylish choice in pooja rooms as well as thankfulness to their heavenly luminosity.

3. Lattice Furniture for Majestic Bedrooms

Another viable use of CNC cutting designs is in furniture! For instance, this stunning bed made of intricate laser-cut WPC jalis adds some Indian drama to the bedroom room.

4. Jali Facade in Interiors!

Bedrooms are those spaces that soothe the tired soul and lifts it to work with stress! A material like WPC is a superior choice as it is maintenance-free and will give a space a total ‘fix and forget’ experience!
Laser-cut jalis in walls are an effortless way to add some crafty opulence and royal elements to your space.

Elegance with a pinch of opulence

5. Deck your Walls with Customisable Jalis

Laser-cut WPC designs can make a smart narrative on your extant walls. CNC jali designs have been done for wall styling and not just as a simplistic element for wall-mounted units.

6.Embellish Your Windows and Doors!

Another place where you can work CNC cutting designs is on your doors and windows. Here, how a boring and fundamental door with the cooperation of gentle jaali work got transformed.

7.Jali Headboard furniture bonuses

Laser-cut WPC jalis are not just circumcised to dividers, walls, or doors. For a quirky look, why not go for a jali headboard to explore or experiment!

So it’s your time to step on the voyage of transforming your traditional interiors with an easy vibrant touch of WPC jali! Connect with our experts to give a treat to your spaces and embrace them with 300+ jali designs…

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