9 Reasons which makes WPC Grills an Irresistible Choice over GRC Grills

Grills are the modern application for innovative designs which are mostly applied to beautify or to cover a space! In the past decades, there has been a wide variety of materials that have been used to manufacture grills. Since the arrival of Wood Polymer Composite material, the most selling grill material called Glass Reinforcement Cement or GRC has started receiving less preference!

In this blog, you will find everything you should need to know about how WPC grills are a solution and not just a product in comparison to GRC grills.

1. Weight of the Product: 


The weight of a product holds great significance in its application in a design. When we talk about the weight of Glass Reinforcement Cement grills it is almost 3 to 4 times heavier than the WPC grills. Their composition is such which makes their weight heavier to handle! And if we look at the practical experience of architects, group housing builders and engineers often choose a product that is hassle-free and easy to handle when working with it. They often go for a product that will not increase a dead load of a building and will minimize other pains in the project. So, if you are choosing GRC for your projects then you should keep in mind one more thing which is the installation of those grills! This is because when the core product is heavy, its installation process becomes heavier which results in adding the cost of the user.

2. Finishing of the Product:

GRC grills is a product that is made out of the mold. Something which is made out of mold never provides accuracy and a proper finish that always gives an incomplete look. When GRC grills are never manufactured with 100% precision but when we talk about WPC grills, being an engineered product, it is made on a CNC machine that gives desired precision provided by 0.1 microns.

3. Maintenance of the Product:

Maintenance is a crucial part that needs to be taken care of when fixing a product in a design or space. In WPC grills, maintenance is easy and affordable in comparison to GRC Grills. This is because when wind pressure is high, as GRC grills are a lot heavy and they are prone to breakage as it cannot bear the wind pressure of thunderstorms. Even if you go for GRC grills, you will find that during the heavy rains the product starts to wither and loses its charm over some time whereas you will not find this spot in WPC grills. WPC grills are light in weight, which does not lose their dimensional stability even in harsh weather conditions. By Ecoste’s Filler-Ex technology, they get a charming, glossy white finish which lets the grills get an everlasting finish for a lifetime which is washable too.

4. Thickness of the Product:

From 11 mm to 18 mm thickness is what Ecoste recommends to its clients for interior applications which becomes a perfect fit! Whereas, if the need arises then 28 mm and 30 mm thickness is also provided to certain projects, respectively. But when it comes to GRC grills, there is a standard set that is fixed for the thickness that is 35 mm, 40 mm, or 50 mm which is heavier, costlier, and full of unexpected hurdles too!

5. Aesthetics of the Product:

Grills are used in giving an aesthetic touch to a building and their applications are numerous like for providing a second skin to a building, using for curtaining purposes in interiors and exteriors, used as covering solutions, or for creating a play of light and shadow! To get the vibrant appealing look, the choice of grill matters a lot, and GRC grills which are made of mold do not provide accurate pieces of aesthetic grills for a design. But with WPC grills, aesthetics are highly maintained as there is precision and standardization. As it is a pre-finished, engineered product aesthetics are never compromised.

6. Production Time Spent:

When your product is made of molds, it simultaneously increases the lead time for becoming an installation-ready product. If the manufacturer has the limited capacity to make GRC grills, then the group housing builders have to subcontract two more manufacturers to produce the required quantity. When this happens there is always a scope of not getting the desired quality of the product, finish, and even the wanted color! As the production has to manufacture molds, the time goes increasing day by day! But with WPC grills, this problem never arises, as it can be manufactured and delivered within 20 days or maybe less because it requires minimum efforts to deliver the required quantities.

7. Application of the Product:


More or less, grills are humongous that are used for covering shafts or for elevation purposes, and at the time during the maintenance of the area, it is difficult to uninstall and reinstall GRC grills. The installation becomes a headache, as the product weight is heavy and secondly it is installed with the help of screws and nuts. But with WPC grills, installation or reinstallation is never a problem as it is light in weight and requires simply plug-and-play installation. For instance, if a user wants to fix any type of leakage then they can also install and re-install WPC grill without any hassles!

8. Installation of the Product:

Installation is something that requires cost, time, and labor. For group housing builders, it is important to keep a check on the product’s dimensional stability as handling the grill is a task to do! If you find a product that is light in weight and the framework also has to be done before installation without hassles then the process gets easier and finishes before time. This benefit is given to all the users who choose WPC grills which are light in weight and require little framework before their installation and then the only minimum amount of labor is needed to carry out the installation part. Most architects look for lightweight products which require minimum handling that can be installed to high-rise structures, so WPC grills fit perfectly! Just imagine, GRC grills being installed in a 62 story building and then you have WPC grills on the other hand in your kitty.

9. Handling losses for a Product:

There is a lot of handling of losses that come when you choose a product that is GRC! This is because opting GRC grills from the ground floor to the 30th floor, then getting that product to the stairs or with the help of cranes gives fiery lines to the forehead! As there are a lot of chances of getting the grills brittle, even breakages to the corners happen or sometimes the grills are broken due to their heavyweight! WPC grills here become a greater substitute to carry out all these functions in order to deliver the best project in desired time or maybe less. 

As we find evolution in the world, WPC has got evolution in the building material industry as well! So it’s your time to give a shot to the emerging WPC grills that are made to reduce your pain and will definitely deliver your desired outcomes.

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