9 Advantages of a WPC Modular Kitchen Space

In the present day, modular kitchens have become frequently popular for urban spaces, leaving the traditional practices & materials lagging.

These new-age WPC kitchens are pre-fabricated as WPC delivers pre-finished results, and gives a ready-to-use application opportunity to the desires! It is an innovative, alternative and can be tailored to the requirements, with great versatility and flexibility in creating a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped kitchen design layout.

WPC cabinets are installed as modular or semi-modular units. Regular kitchens, on the other side, are carpentered on-site, (few modular accessories can be acquired and installed onto the cabinet – compartments), and the design, choice of materials, and final finish usually depend on the skills of a carpenter. But with WPC, you find an advantage where you can design, adjust and remake with the help of a simple plug-and-play installation.

If you are planning to renovate or build your WPC kitchen, here is your guide tour for your kitchen makeover…

1. A Sleek Aesthetic Look

Modular kitchens impart a smooth, high-end, luxurious look when a material like WPC is practiced! Various contours with colors, laminates, and glazes can be consolidated to form a kitchen space that readjusts your susceptibility and blends with the overall decor themes of the space.

2. Good Space Management

The Urban Kitchens are designed by experts who are choosing WPC to create functional spaces that do not create congestion in the moving areas. As it ensures good outlining, an effective operational smooth layout, a de-cluttered vibrant glance, and inventive utilization of area with organized storage.

3. Exact Customization

Modular accessories are matched onto the WPC cabinets and drawer units to build a dedicated room for cutlery dishes, utensils, jars, seasonings, vegetables, and garbage folders. Even the end nooks that are habitually tight due to the cabinet’s bottoms can be transformed into a readily functional space with accessories like quirky corner carousels.

4. Ease of Maintenance

WPC-made Modular kitchens are termite-proof, and the parts are easy to change or replace in case of any damage. Kitchens fabricated out of plywood can last for a lifetime if they do not absorb any moisture, but kitchens made of MDF as the filler material will require sensitive handling while opening or closing the drawers/shutters that become a big-time hassle.

Therefore, WPC guarantees that the cabinets in moisture-ridden areas, like the sink cabinet compartment, have an outer solid finish comparable to the rest of the kitchen design, and the inner layers are lined with a sheet of 1-mm-thick aluminum to create a waterproof membrane for priceless satisfaction. For protection from water, going for modular kitchens that are carried on strong WPC legs at least 6 inches above the floor is a well-suited option.

FYI: For the Indian fashion of operating and cooking, it is prudent to go for durable WPC countertops and cabinets made of WPC (wood-plastic composite) boards.

With WPC you get a value addition that establishes a good-quality apparatus that is rust-proof and avoids damp vessels within the cabinets, to block fungal outgrowth.

5. WPC Comes in Ready Options

The conventional kitchen modules incorporate wall units, tall storage, cabinets, draw campers of several sizes and perpetual spaces for built-in appliances. There are countless possibilities to collect from, in terms of designs, hues, and glazes. The WPC boards used for cabinets, counter-tops & drawers can also be laminated or painted.

6. Quick and Easy Installation

WPC Kitchen modules arrive at the site in a prefabricated ready-to-install framework that is effortless to carry and assemble. This liberates one from the tiresome carpentry activities, unwanted noise, and hateful dust that are inevitable during the fabrication of a kitchen space.
Another value addition is that even if you plan to move your home, the entire kitchen can be stripped and re-install at a new site with plug & play installation.

7. Easy to Clean

A well-organized kitchen space design perpetually resembles pleasing and with WPC boards becomes easy to manage. As routine maintenance is concerned, the kitchen cabinets and countertops can be tenderly wiped and cleaned with a non-toxic liquid solution. Do make it a subject to systematically clean and grime from the hooks/hinges and courses for continuously even functioning.

8. In-Expensive Installation

A WPC modular kitchen is a choice of a smart brain as it makes your research cheaper, better and faster! A material that gives a ‘fix & forget’ experience and comes with zero renovations is a great pick over MDF or plywood. This is because it does not require any type of toxic surface treatment.

9. Strong Screw Holding

WPC kitchens are subjected to be strong, durable, and extensively functional. The process channels, rollers, and the hydraulic hinges and rollers worked for the drawers and shutters can be handled purposely due to Ecoste’s German Encapsulation that gives hinges/screws mighty support.

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