8 Timeless Applications of WPC Grills helping Architects Excel their Designs

As the times are evolving applications of WPC products are satisfying the needs of a sustainably developed architecture. Quality WPC grills are one such element that has given diverse applications that have an extending ability to beautify a space’s interiors and exteriors.

WPC grills are one of the most desirable alternatives or we can say that it is a phenomenal substitute to the conventionally used grill materials that look great when fixed but over a while becomes lackluster due to impacts of the external conditions.

Be it versatility or be it aesthetics, Ecoste WPC grills are helping Architects

  • To take their projects designs up a notch!
  • Deliver greener and healthier projects!
  • Save money, time and effort!

The above image includes Ecoste Grills being used by Ace Group for one of their projects,
The project was foreseen on a Spanish theme with enclosed balconies, rugged Earthy tones, and eclectic architecture in the heart of Noida Sector Р77, India by Architect Hafeez, Contractor.

This shows how WPC grills are one of the most desirable emerging products! Its versatility hides behind the exquisite properties that make Ecoste Grills durable, everlasting & a source of high returns on investment!

But when an architect chooses quality WPC material for grill elements then their applications become diverse that fit perfectly in their precious designs!

In this blog, you can find a few of the collected ideas of WPC grills applications that have been answerable for an aesthetic quotient that they provide to futuristic architecture! Here:

1. Character Element to Cohere Build & Unbuilt Multifuncional Areas!

2. Structural Element to Animate Spaces and Add Volumes!

3. A Second skin to regulate Natural lighting and Ventilation!

4. Create a Play of Light and Shadow!

5. Character element for theme – based Designs

6. Covering Exposed areas in Elevations and Beautifying it!

7. Screening between Private and Common Areas of Big Spaces!

It’s time to create high-class projects and experiment with aesthetic Ecoste grills and give a new experience to the coming generations! It’s your time to get in talk with our product experts to get best recommendations for some greener, healthier and innovative designs.

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