7 Reasons Why You Should Select WPC Jali Over Plywood Jali

To uplift the interiors and exteriors of your establishment, you need to stay updated with the available products in the market. In the wake of climate change what you need to focus on are the alternatives to the products that dampen the ecosystem. One of the outstanding substitutes is WPC Board which is brought to the market by Ecoste in India.

These days the WPC Jali has been one of the most favored products by the consumers, due to the top-notch furnishing which it gives to the establishments. The application of WPC Jali is extensive in the drawing rooms, offices, bars, restaurants, etc.

At Ecoste, we hold the expertise, knowledge, and craftsman spirit to bring to you enchanting designs. The reasons why you should select WPC Jali’s over Plywood Jali’s for your residential and office spaces are given as follows:

Appealing Look

The WPC Jali gives a glossy and a much pleasing look to the place where it is applied. The Plywood Jali needs repetitive polishing and needs to be laminated to get a glossy look.


Given the high density and strength (including surface strength and internal strength), the WPC Jali becomes a durable product. The attractive look endures, and Ecoste provides a product guarantee for 20 years. The guarantee cards can be taken by the customers! This is not the case with Plywood Jali’s.

Can be Applied to Building Exteriors

cc’s cannot be used on the exteriors of the buildings. This is because plywood is not waterproof, whereas WPC Jali’s are completely waterproof. They can be dipped in water and do not lose their grace and beauty!

Termite Protection

This very fact makes the WPC Jali’s a stable product that does not require any further lamination, polish, or paint. The Jali’s are termite-proof, making them a reliable and durable source! The Plywood Jali’s on the other hand, can be attacked by termites if not worked upon from time to time.


Trees are not cut for the making of WPC Boards from where the jali’s are made. This very concept makes them very much in demand. Also, because they are recyclable and biodegradable products!


The WPC Jali’s are cost-effective in comparison to Plywood Jali’s. It comes as a finished product, unlike Plywood that is made from wood, after going through different phases. The different phases of manufacturing make Plywood expensive in comparison to Wood Polymer Composite Boards.

Availability of Customization

The WPC Jali’s are made with precision using German Computerized machines called CNC. The final product is very neat! The Plywood Jali’s might not fit the bill to be used with the CNC machines and would require the cutting manually. This would be a time-consuming task and would require more labor.

The quality of Computer Numeric Control (CNC) routers is responsible for cutting the WPC Jali in creative and sharp designs. The WPC grills/ jali can be crafted beautifully using the CNC, and a striking point it makes is that manual labor is saved in this manner.
Here are some points are given below, which tell you how Ecoste CNC cutting brings out the best ..!

a) Computerized System of Designing:

As the designs are fed into the CNC, there is no chance that the design gets unorganized or disturbed. There is aptness that wins the trust of the consumers while selecting it for the designing part. Hence, you get the desired designs in WPC Jali cutting with Ecoste!

b) Time-Saving:

As time is money, so this fact suits well in the case of CNC. Not only the manual work is saved, but also you can get the WPC Jali to your doorstep maximum by 360 hours.

The precision of the WPC Jali cutting plays a great role in giving a gorgeous look to the jali. One doesn’t work on the home interiors regularly, but once in many years. So, make sure you only get quality products installed for the interior decoration of your home and office.

Knowing these points, there is every reason you should introduce WPC Jali’s to your space and office spaces.

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