7 Reasons Why WPC Cladding Is a 100% Safe Choice For Your Precious Spaces

When you want your space to stand out, begin with a spectrum of marvelous exterior cladding opportunities. Be it modern architecture or remodeling on a tired old structure, with the best external wall cladding material and design guidance, you can have a visually striking space that has spirit, and character.

However, the space’s exterior is not just about initial impacts. Exterior wall cladding is a high-performance element that also toils as a shielding skin for the structure and its interior spaces. A great quality cladding shield built protects the structure against heat, rainfall, wind, temperature extremes, flame, dampness, and pests. Wall cladding is an exceptional insulator, safeguards against structural damage and also makes the interiors more energy economical.

Exterior cladding is a versatile and affordable solution that not only reconstructs your space’s art but also encourages its purpose and sturdiness by magnifying its sensitivity and protection to external forces.

Choosing the Cladding for all Space Designs!

There are several external wall cladding products in the market today with numerous choices available in terms of material, style, color, coating, performance, and persistence. Exterior cladding covering weatherboards is often the primary port of call during a construction makeover project design because of the moderately simplistic installation.

Wood Polymer Composite material is one of the extensively employed materials, which offers the demanded versatility to design your spaces. With modular designs growing accustomed, sustainable spaces are becoming a growing choice of architects!

WPC is a blend of wood powder and virgin polymers which provides its product applications excellent dimensional stability and green ratings. However, the WPC Cladding Solutions are prepared from fillers, pigments, stabilizers, and recyclables. This makes WPC boards extremely durable and long-lasting, and thus it has diverse applications in the building business.

As per the conventionally used materials and their observations, Wood Polymer Composites or WPC is accepted as the most competent alternative for strong and high-end application purposes. They are practiced majorly for decking, flooring, fencing, railing, windows, doors, landscaping, and interior or exterior cladding. Also, they are used for making window frames and furniture.

As WPC is a perfect choice for complete home building and designing work here are few reasons why WPC is a warm-hug of quality to your space!

1. 100% Green- Sustainable Material

The application of green building material, like WPC cladding in the design and development of building grants for more energy profits and more performance towards the utilization of resources. The adoption of WPC materials that are green and innovative also diminishes the inopportune influence that architecture may affect on its surroundings as well as human well-being.

Not just this, WPC cladding solutions also reduce the costs and guarantee the most limited formation of material – wastage. Some of the materials that can be termed as eco-friendly materials for the construction of green architecture, and their purposes!

“Green buildings Construction Materials can opt for zero maintenance, more prominent ROI (return on investment), water and energy control, and a much healthier interior space air quality”

The green structures are certainly more affordable for the ordinary and also cater for temperature control, and better well-being of the residents. This makes them a superior choice for an everlasting experience.

The WPC benefits to create and make influential furniture as aspired. As they can be molded to any shape as required. The recycled polymers are also practiced to prepare solid and useful WPC product applications.

2. Weather Resistance & Surface Treatments

The WPC materials also undergo exceptional surface treatment during a thermal transfer which makes them pre-finish and ready to use. This will make the WPC Cladding panels look vibrant too. Another foremost purpose to pick WPC is that they are environmentally favorable and can resist any drastic climatic conditions whilst allowing high safety from chemicals, heat, and rain.

The innovative Wood Plastic Composites offer many new and distinct benefits over the conventional materials that were used for interior & exterior designing projects earlier. The WPC cladding molds can be managed with color pigments and hence can expect many attractive designs that are refreshing for the eyes & structures as well.

3. Excellent Water Resistance

Many interior & exterior designing projects need boards, floorings, and other products that possess excellent water resistance. A WPC forming sheet/mold can beat all its equivalents in this regard as it can contribute to excellent resistance to water!

Many interior & exterior designing projects need boards, floorings, and other products that possess excellent water resistance. This is because of its exquisite composition. The WPC cladding Interior designing products used in a toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and other residential/commercial areas can help their design for a long time interim while maintaining the elegant aesthetic appeal.

4. No Fading for Decades

The WPC cladding panels are treated with high-quality UV repression pigments & essential heat stabilizers. Hence, this allows them to withstand harsh sun rays and other unfriendly agents for long periods. The reliable WPC cladding products may not fade as it is a polymer-based material. This is the reason why architects lookup to WPC for solutions that maintain their color and dimensional stability for a long time so that the results achieved are qualitative and are appreciated for a long time. WPC exterior cladding is the best answer that can present the most prominent anti-weathering advantages!

5. Soundest Value for Money

Buyers today require the best value for the money they spend. WPC boards provide for the uplifting of looks and allow greater protection and convenience to the structure of a design, while also having a long time.

A WPC foam board does not warp, splinter, wither or bend and also does not require any type of maintenance! These are henceforth, always favored over wood and help towards lowering the instances of accidents, strongly!

6. Fire Retardant Properties

As the WPC cladding solutions consist of both polymers and wood powder, they can withstand fire for a much higher time interval. They can be therefore preferred over wood, plywood, and other conventional materials for interior & exterior designing purposes at any instance.
With a great density & composition, they are strong, safe, and highly secure solutions for many diverse kinds of interior & exterior projects.

Key Benefits of WPC Cladding

The WPC Exterior wall cladding extends tremendous benefits and practices. Here follow some exceptional benefits of the Ecoste WPC Cladding Solutions:

  • This material is effortless to maintain and does not require any type of timely renovations.
  • It is repellent to ultraviolet radiations and its color does not fade throughout time.
  • These cladding panels are extremely durable and are not affected by any external weather conditions like rainfall, storm, heat.
  • This is an exceptional cladding material, which is 100% weather-resistant.
  • This WPC cladding is available in various color choices, textures, and 2D & 3D designs that add to the beauty of your structure while allowing you to meet with the existing aesthetics of your design.
  • Although this material resembles be expensive but is still worth investing when it comes to long-term perks, compared to other materials.

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