7 Benefits Group Housing Builders get with WPC Door Frames

Group housing builders find difficulty in choosing the right type of door frames for their projects where they don’t have to suffer and only have to gain appreciation by their efforts towards making their projects beautiful, aesthetic and durable at the same time. We know that you might be finding a product that is made for your precious projects that will also eliminate your existing pains!

With this blog, we have brought you WPC door frames benefits which will make your research about them faster, better, and cheaper by giving your desired results at the same time..!

WPC Door Frames are not a Friend of Water? Oh, yes ..!

A research was conducted that covered 50 builders and discovered their pain areas. One of the most faced problems of them was the water curing process which was essential for Timber door frames! This process has caused a lot of pain and loss of resources, time, and money to the builders in the past decades that have resulted in inviting termite attacks! With this process, the product gains strength but also becomes a breeding ground for termites while building. But if you are expecting to use WPC door frames, surely it will not cause this kind of pain! So with this, your expectations are all set to be fulfilled once when you choose it for your projects! Yes, WPC door frames have a composition that makes the product 100% waterproof and does not allow any kind of product damage.

No worries about fungus, termites, or borers … just fix and forget!

Since there is a huge time gap in building and actual results, organism attacks during this period can be very painful for a builder and may press their pockets. But when you choose WPC door frames like told in the previous point you will not find any kind of decay, fungus attack, termite attack, or borer attack on your product because of its exceptional composition that does not allow all these damages at all on it!

WPC Door Frames won’t scare you from fire!

Well, people care for their loved ones and fire proves to be fatal especially, in high-rise buildings; therefore, one demands the door frames to be an excellent fire retardant which convinces them that the material won’t catch fire nor will the fire propel. We understand this need and so we give you WPC door frames that have passed the test of fire with flying colors! As a result of the laboratory test reports, Ecoste WPC door frames are an A-Class Fire Retardant, that retards fire up to 2 hours when it is cut off from the fire source which is a miraculous characteristic as compared to other conventionally used door frames.

Ecoste helps you get Fast Delivery and Plug & Play Installation Support

Often it is found that timely completion of projects gets delayed because of late delivery of frames and more lead time in their installation by carpenters. This has been a problem for every second builder that needs to be removed from their list of hassles!

Builders in return lookout for a product that can be installed swiftly and delivered speedily. With Ecoste WPC door frames, we can guarantee you that you don’t have to face this problem ever in life because our WPC door frames are easy to install and the delivery provided is always beforehand received! This is true because the installation time that is taken by a conventional door frame is 3 times more than WPC door frames as they are an engineered product. They only required a minimum time in their assembling followed by an easy plug & play installation process that gives timely delivery of projects.

No more sadness … because there won’t be any product wastage!

As we know sustainable development shall be the choice of every architectural project, but with conventionally used door frames this is not possible because of their nature and characteristic properties! It has been recorded that 5-8% of Timber Door frames get wasted while installing, which is a huge percentage! This results in a grieving time that a builder spends on and at the same time they find no satisfaction in installing timber door frames to their precious projects as a lot of resources and money is also lost in the wastage of the product! But with WPC door frames, you find 0% of wastage that is done at the time of their manufacturing also at its installation which makes a builder satisfied after its installation.

Last but not the least, it all comes down to the Costs!

Cost is a big mindbender for a group housing builder who has to spend a lot in the process of getting a project of desire. Even Rs. 100/- amount matters when it comes to using 2,000-10,000 door frames. It’s the most vital part that matters a lot to builders as well as users. Everyone today needs a good quality product at a cheap price. But with Ecoste WPC door frames you get a product of high quality and density that is 100% durable, for a long-lasting experience. The end-user is benefited by WPC door frames as they do not lose their dimensional stability over a period of time, which makes the product the best substitute.

IGBC and GRIHA approved door frames for smart projects!

Isn’t it amazing to find a product that improves the green ratings of a project and gives the benefit of reducing carbon footprint too in a space! Every builder is aware of IGBC and GRIHA approvals and uses raw materials that are approved by them. This gives more FAR (Field Area Ratio) in the building. With Ecoste WPC door frames, you will be winning all the parameters that you will find in your way and still count yourself in the list of sustainable developers who are working for the greater good of the society as well once you buy Ecoste WPC door frames for your precious projects!

Therefore, at last, we would like to conclude by saying that WPC door frames are a product that is the future of high-class projects! But with an Ecoste, value-added benefits too as we have done clear research and perfect homework for you and your respective innovative designs!

We are proud that we can help you in taking your projects top-notch with high-quality WPC products that we offer to you!

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