7 Amazing Facts about WPC Grills that are Stripping Objections for Architects, Builders & Contractors!

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) is promoted as a low-maintenance, high-durability alternative. However, after a decade of exterior application’s performance in the building industry, new subjects have emerged regarding its durability, strength, and life.

The industry has acknowledged difficulties correlated with first-generation outcomes by improving WPC formulations as more or less the objections are from the material that is not wholesome! Manufacturers have also formed great strides in making more equitable claims and in educating consumers on the decent care and maintenance of WPC products to maintain their aesthetic quality, but they are unaware of few facts that have been often overlooked before choosing their WPC products.

Today in this blog, you will find 7 must-know facts about WPC grills that will help you choose the right quality WPC material that will definitely give best results and outcomes for your precious projects and space designs!

Fact 1: WPC Grills are Exceptionally Durable!

Let us first start with the durability of WPC grills. Durability is the most important aspect of construction material as if a product is not durable enough then it’s the customer’s of customers who will be going to face massive consequences!

WPC as an emerging material of the building material industry has phenomenal characteristics and properties that are accepted!

Being a polymer-based material, WPC stands above its competition of conventionally used materials! This is because of the hybrid composition which gives WPC grills strength and support that makes them a solution rather than just a product!

As far as the composition is concerned, we would like to add one thing to your knowledge that will definitely be going to strip your objections regarding WPC material!

Just imagine that you would like to cook a dish that is delicious so you prepared your recipe with all the available ingredients, but instead of the needed ingredients! Similarly, if you are buying the idea of WPC grills from a manufacturer who briefed you about the composition and its essential ingredients then surely you won’t find your quality WPC grill solution.

It’s time to ask also for the composition of your WPC grills rather than just eye-pleasing benefits! Here is a list formulated asks by our product experts that will help you get your quality WPC grill solution:

1. Percentage of substances (virgin polymers/ thermoplastics, wood powder/wood grains, any additives)
2. UV Pigments (for knowing if you got an exterior friendly product or not)
3. Heat Stabilizers
4. Processing Aids
5. Lubricants

Fact 2: WPC Grills saves Cost, Time, and Labor by 3x!

Screwing and unscrewing a WPC grill is the best workout for a carpenter or a contractor as they do not find any difficulty in this process as compared to the conventionally used grills!

If you have been in a conversation with any of your builders you may have encountered the problem of fitting GRC, aluminum, mild steel, or stainless steel grills into the building for facade or shaft covering applications.

But in WPC material you get the benefit of plug & play installation for your grills for any kind of maintenance work that has to take place as it is easy to screw & unscrew them. As it is light in weight, the contractor can fix anything and everything by saving their cost, time, and labor by 3x!

Fact 3: WPC Grills Can be Customised!

WPC grills are a versatile product that enhances its applications wherever it is fixed, but to get exact customization and perforation a builder has to do a critical analysis before handing over their trust! This is the major problem a builder faces when WPC grills were not in existence. Mostly it happens that the required customization lacks precision or for the cutting done for the required perforations is not exact!

This is because the measure of technology that is being used for manufacturing conventional material grills does not deliver expected results.

But if you choose quality WPC manufacturer’s grills you will find 0.1-micron precision which is obtained from a CNC router machine that gives exact customization as per requirements! So, yes WPC grills can be customized according to requirements!

Note: If you are looking forward to knowing more about how perforation and exact customisation happens, connect with our product experts today!

Fact 4: Zero Mishap at Higher Altitude!

A product that is light in weight, is often a need for a builder and a contractor to work with but then density becomes a question for its timely performance. With WPC grill recommendations from Architects, choosing a builder is easy!

As the world is taking steps towards sustainable buildings and designs, the rise of high-rise buildings has become necessary. Satisfying the requirements of an architectural building that is having 15 + floors causes long budget stories for builders to complete projects to meet deadlines.

But if they choose WPC grills, their deadlines are met before time with immense satisfaction that results in high future returns!

Fact 5: WPC Grills has Excellent Dimensional Stability!

We have seen the results of conventionally used grills like GRC, aluminum MS steel, and stainless steel grills that lose their qualities and quality properties when fixed for more than 5 years. And if not handled with care, due to natural or manmade accidents these grills get damaged as a result.

But if you choose WPC grills you will find absolutely, fix and forget experience with a guarantee of a lifetime. This is because the WPC grills neither crack, wither or swell from any external effects nor get rot away even when stored for a longer period where you have to do zero maintenance for the product! This is an added advantage for a builder to work with a dimensionally stable product!

Fact 6: WPC Grills are an Exterior Grade Product!

Wood polymer composite becomes a hybrid material when its composition is profound and accurately curated for delivering the best performance of its products. Similarly, WPC grills is an exterior grade product as it is waterproof which also makes it a termite and a decay attack-free product!

With the right amount of chemical fillers, UV pigments, and specific heat stabilizers WPC grills become weather resistant that stands strong even in harsh climatic conditions.

Therefore, these characteristics make WPC grills stand above their competition when compared to conventionally used grills for exterior applications.

Fact 7: WPC Grills are Interior friendly

WPC grills have exceptional application possibilities that solve the purpose of interiors as well by giving them an aesthetic quotient. The glossy look of WPC grills makes the space look more vibrant, engaging, and contemporary.

These grills have been used for curtaining/partitioning purposes in residential and commercial spaces to provide a virtual modern contact between two sides of a space!

With the glossy vibrant look and zero maintenance advantage, WPC grills can be used as an element that can provide ventilation with its aesthetics too. Being 100% eco-friendly and hygienic material, all quality WPC grills become ‘A Satisfactory Product’ when it is fixed for interior applications!

Note: To find a 100% green WPC grill, you need to ask for approvals or necessary certifications from the manufacturers of the product. Need assistance, connect with us at 9555075075.

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