7 Advantages an Architect Get by Choosing a Solid Material for their Designs

Context: Sustainable Material for Long lasting architectural designs

Today the rising demand for natural consequences is asking architects to build more sustainable designs. It’s a building trend that’s sweeping across India’s architecture for several reasons.

One way architects can create sustainable spaces is by choosing the right building materials. It’s important to research what options are right for a design, and deliver the sustainability benefits you are looking to acquire. Now that we know that sustainable spaces are a popular building trend, let’s talk about why a solid material is important and a necessity when it comes to leaving future generations a better Earth!

The solid material is that material that saves your time by making your research cheaper, and faster by 3x. A material that brings versatility and sustainability becomes a priority choice for Architects to create new horizons in their architectural designs!

To uncover such possibilities, it’s time to discover this humongously accepted material called ‘wood polymer composite’. Wood Polymer Composite or WPC is an emerging material that is a result of an innovation that will serve efficiently and simultaneously, become a herculean substitute to the conventional materials of the building material industry.

In this blog, we will talk about all the advantages that an architect will be amazed at that come with wood polymer composite material. So, here we go…

1. A Density to Rely Upon

The density of a product holds major significance. As the more the density the more volume of a substance will be present in the material. WPC products are manufactured by keeping the density quotient on a priority!

Whether you choose door opening products, furniture-based products, or facade solutions, if the density of the product is reliable, the expected results are delivered accurately!

To get served with the high-density quality WPC solutions, you will find Ecoste WPC manufacturers, who provide you a measurable density for your WPC product applications.

2. A Hybrid Composition that Meets Demands

Wood polymer composite material is a polymer-based composite that includes virgin Polymers or thermoplastics along with limited wood powder or wood grains, compiled with essential additives.

If the composition includes the right inputs then the performance of that product gives right outputs, primarily. And if the material gets the right inputs in its composition, it provides the qualities of being:

Therefore, the right inputs also include the right type of fillers, heat stabilizers and UV pigments that make a product interior and exterior friendly.

3. Cuts Long Budget Stories and Extended Supply Timelines

Extended supply timelines are really heavy for an architect to digest, and so the added budget stories that an Architect’s builder narrates when the material becomes incompetent to match deadlines!

Working with wood polymer composite product applications reduces the risk of extended timelines as WPC products are prefinished and light in weight so it is easy to use them in high-rise buildings.

But when the installation of an emerging material is involved its installation becomes a question. This is because most of the materials screw holding capacity do not meet expectations but with WPC products you get high density plus great screw holding capacity with an added benefit of plug and play installation which is 100% carpenter friendly that saves time and huge costs for both an architect and their builders.

4. Makes Applications Better and Effective

WPC material is now becoming an architect’s favorite not just for its hybrid composition but also for its environmental friendliness. This is because few manufacturers believe in taking subsequent steps towards sustainability by including a required amount of recyclables in the material which makes the product eco-friendly.

As WPC is a green material it benefits a design by reducing the carbon footprint of space. To provide a safe and hygienic experience we at Ecoste to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals like VOC emissions and formaldehyde in WPC solutions.

Health-wise also WPC stands above its competition as the product is free from the treatments of VOC and chemicals, it also involves fewer installation timelines that reduce the risk to workmen at the site!

5. High Returns on Investment

In our past eight years of experience, we have found that if a product has high density its durability is still a question for its users! So we came up with a quality WPC range of products that are highly durable and full of strength.

With quality WPC products you will find no situations where the product becomes swell, wither, cracked, or bend due to its great composition.

Also, there are times when a project timeline changes and the procured material has to be kept for storage for a certain period of time. In this situation many conventionally used material products ought to be rot that contributes towards heavy losses for a builder and a contractor but WPC does not lose its charm as its products are engineered and pre-finished.

A material with excellent dimensional stability becomes a product for generations that requires zero maintenance and no timely renovations as it comes with a guarantee for a lifetime to an architect and their builders!

6. Not just a Product but Holistic Solution Material

In the present day’s building and construction practices, it has become a need of the hour to choose a material that is sustainable, green, and eco-friendly to create a futuristic space for a peaceful existence.

To make this agenda a mandate, government institutions, business chains and communities are looking for products that are certified, approved and faithfully tested by certified authorities and state governments.

Also, to make their research cheaper and easier, we at Ecoste provide our quality WPC solutions with digital credentials that show the data record of the following

State-wise government certifications that provide Architect’s an access to more projects.

IGBC & GRIHA approvals for helping Architects get certified green greetings for their projects and designs.

Shriram Laboratory Test Reports for helping Architects to build their trust by choosing reliable WPC products.

With these benefits and architects just not by quality WPC products but Holistic solutions for their precious designs and spaces.

7. Unmatched Aesthetics

Wood polymer composite is an alternative and hybrid material to all the conventionally used materials that do not provide prefinished aesthetics to a design. There is always a common need for surface treatments, cost on painting or priming, or even using laminates and veneers on products to get an aesthetic quotient for space. But with WPC solutions, there is no mandate to choose and spend extended costs to get aesthetic satisfaction from them. This is because WPC products are seamlessly smooth, glossy, and engineered-ly prefinished!

We are at Ecoste, took a deeper dive to maintain our WPC solution’s Aesthetics by the use of smart technology for are a range of quality WPC products such as by using:

German encapsulation in Ecoste door opening solutions for a great screw holding capacity that does not result in deformation of our products.

Precimax 0.1 micron precision for precise perforation in Ecoste Grills which is available in 300+ designs.

Also Filler- Ex technology for making Ecoste grills look glossy and vibrantly white.

And last but not least technological smart methods of manufacturing for creating Ecoste furniture solutions and wall cladding solutions!

For creating spaces with quality WPC solutions connect with us today and take one step forward with a cause for creating sustainable and futuristic designs which are the need of the time!

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