6 Things to Study before Choosing a High Rise Facade

The cladding strives to withstand outside weathering and contributes to sturdiness and sustainability to a structure’s facade.

The choice in scheme and substance of a facade is circumscribed by constituents such as its dimensions and building typology, its geographical neighborhood, climatic conditions it is opened to, etc. Energy performance is the central interest, besides its traits.

Today, the building industry contributes a diversity of corporealities, one of them is the WPC facade with plentiful opportunities in designs and exemplars. Additionally, high-pressure laminates can also be practiced for their aesthetic value on facades.

1. Knowing the Functionality

The fundamental function of the cladding is to cleave the indoor setting of a structure from the outside in such a process that the external environment conditions do not modify the interior setting. It is also serviceable for controlling the light penetration and regulating the transmission, conduction of heat radiations from the sun, and limits interiors from getting dull or fades away. Additionally, sunscreens and louvered boards allow for the bounced light to enter the structure that heightens convenience.

2. A WPC Facade for Mega-Structures

Facades are created with passive and effective ventilation, such as binary-skinned facades that provide tender air to expand and exhaust from the void between the two skins attached. WPC perforated skins can become a win-win productive solution to mega-structures where windows cannot apply due to high-pressure winds. Once installed these skins can act as passive coolants or ventilating agents in enclosed interior spaces.

Therefore, with the skin of WPC, all can be conquered at once due to its exceptional composition & versatility.

3. The Breathing & Green WPC Structural Envelope

The breathing and green facade in a high-rise structure or mega-structures intends to create green spaces favorable for its users and operative interiors. The commercial spaces underestimate the gardens-areas and are adorned with open-able skylights to allow freshness.

Here are some unavoidable advantages of the green envelope…

  • Planting on WPC fades can create a balanced microclimate, which is less inclined to heat accumulation from UV rays.
  • Also, evaporation from vegetated mats does result in temperatures that lead to being more moderate than those in the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Wind resistant plants can become a great idea to employ windbreaks.

So here is what you should know for growing the green blanket on your facade.

The structural system is designed to account for the additional loading of the green wall soil, water, and other loads (people, wind, seismic, etc.). Green walls on the facade should be protected from high wind speeds, wherever possible, and especially from the vortex shedding situation at the structure’s corners. The allowance of the adequate area should be a priority for uninterrupted growth of the greens, and hiring a botanist wouldn’t be a bad idea for the maintenance of the on-growing plants.

4. Traits that will define your Facade

Admitting Indian climatic circumstances, you need to prefer to clad having the following properties:

Resistance to corrosion: Cladding materials shall have high corrosion resistance like WPC and they should be properly treated with harmful chemical-free galvanizing or PU paint.

  • Cleansing and preservation: The cleaning sequence of the external building envelope should be determined while selecting cladding. Select material which will attract less dust and with minimum horizontal surfaces. A facade that is ventilated and insulated can save up to 70 percent energy costs for heating or cooling which suits best. Choosing WPC facades is a time & cost-efficient solution that will help you save your cost, time & labor by 3x.
  • Thermal Insulation: The WPC cladding of a structure ensures that the interior temperatures are sustained at absolute levels, diminishing both the cost burden of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Its influence on the ecology and the camouflage from water permeation is required.
  • Resistance to Weather & Moisture: Many parts of the country experience a composite climate which includes heavy rains. Here cladding becomes powerful, as it serves as a blanket that overcomes the infiltration of water into the initial structure. An additional advantage can be derived, if the cladding material is weather & moisture resistant! To find a quality WPC facade solution connect with us.

5. Building Envelope as an Environment Moderator

The building envelopes are outlined to convey an illustration of contemporary architecture. This must be recognized by learning the complexities of economy, environment, weather, and technology that collectively act as ‘environmental moderators’.

A WPC skin arrangement intends to accomplish sustainability as well as amalgamate different aspects of a project, such as materiality, constructability, and resources. It concentrates on enforcement, performance, and spatial optimization. Ecoste quality WPC facades are composed of a sequence principal structure serving all immobile conditions and structural systems.

6. The Cladding & Glazing Benefits

Cladding and glazing serve many purposes in performing a controlled physical environment, preserving the structure from external contingencies, preventing the transmission of sound, thermal insulation, and appearance of structures.

Ecoste WPC cladding manages the privacy and security of the exteriors, provides a passage to ventilation and a safe & hygienic environment, and prevents the extent of the fire. Its traits like resistance to termite, water, & fire, environment friendliness, and paintable traits and designs allow cladding to become a trend.

The exterior facades play a crucial function in structural stability. As it helps in regular ventilation, sun & rain screening, it becomes a product of substance. A faithfully tested, fixed cladding also provides A-Class fire safety, similarly to Ecoste WPC facade solutions.

Give your facade a durable cladding that stands strong for an everlasting experience with the help of a Quality WPC Expert.
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