6 Reasons Why WPC is the Architect’s New Favourite for their Dream Projects

The building material industry has got its innovation that is just starting a new wave with wood polymer composite products for futuristic homes and spaces. This has only been possible because of the visionary Architect’s material choices of the years.

With Ecoste’s WPC products, Architects are considering coming one step closer to delivering their dream designs! And today with our blog you will find exact reasons why WPC is becoming an architect’s favorite and is replacing all the conventional products swiftly!

1. Engineered Solution: 

Wood polymer composite or WPC is also known as manmade wood, manufactured board, or engineered wood. The processes for producing WPCs include extrusion, injection molding, and compression molding, or thermoforming (pressing). More innovative manufacturing processes for wood polymer composites incorporate additive manufacturing. As they are set using adhesives and are engineered to precise specs, following in a material that can have different applications. Therefore, the durability of wood-polymer composites comes below two broad categories, structural durability, and aesthetic durability as well!

2. Eliminates Nature Caused Problems: 

An additional benefit of composites with wood powders is their easy recycling and a smaller quantity of waste products resting after combustion. The foremost advantage of the mold in the form of a polymer is also to render the product resistant to the outcomes of the external environment, particularly moisture and water.

3. A Solution for Generations:

Along with the increasing consumption of wooden and wood-based products, the number of waste produced during both production and consumption of these commodities rises. These wastes organize a rich raw material base, the relevant use of which can significantly diminish the effectiveness of natural wood raw material. Unfortunately, a meaningful proportion of them, notably of post-use and wood-based foundation, end up in landfills. It appears inevitable to discover techniques to use the generated waste for modernization. One of them is to practice them in the sort of strengthening polymer-wood composites. Composites with a wood filler can be an ambitious product for supplies with harmful chemical-free fillers. Therefore, WPC is an innovative, strong substitute for all the conventionally used material in this case.

4. Reduces a Space’s Carbon footprint:

For better resource performance, the conceptual prototype of material has been recognized as a green material that reduces the carbon footprint of space, when applied! As Ecoste WPC products are made of 70% virgin polymers, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives make the product a superior choice for design! It definitely lowers environmental costs and environmental consequences, increases the performance of resources, and reduces the dependence on suppliers! Therefore, dynamic resource management, waste prevention, as well as renewable resource consumption support sustainable production and lowers greenhouse gas discharges to the environment when manufacturing polymer-based products.

5. Lifetime Freedom from Hassle of Maintenance or renovation:

WPC has been accepted by the architect fraternity absolutely, as this material gives architects a privilege to work hassle-free and deliver the best of their designs that also come with a lifetime guarantee for the end-users. The material’s dimensional stability is exceptional due to its herculean composition that supports the material in all types of applications whether used in interiors or exteriors of space. WPC material does not wither, swell, warp or bend through any means and remains strong that provides a ‘fix and forget’ experience.

6. WPC Gives Exponentially High ROI:

When the return on investment is a concern, then every architect chooses a superior alternative that will support their designs in the best ways! When choosing conventional materials let’s say metal, it does not strike the right balance with its aesthetics as you will need to add surface treatment! And when choosing natural wood-based materials, we find that they lose their charm over the years because of their continuous nature inviting maintenance and renovations! But with a product that is superior and made of wood polymer composites strikes the right balance of sustainability, aesthetics, and performance. This is because as it is a material that is futuristic and highly durable gives a promising result for every project wherever applied.

Take your projects top-notch with Ecoste’s high-quality WPC products which are sustainable, safe and everlasting! Check out our website (https://www.ecoste.in) to get complete knowledge about our products and if needed any assistance connect with our product experts today at  9555075075.

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