6 Reasons to lookout for Choosing Boards for your Spaces

Cement boards are one of the most traditionally used building materials of the decades that are being used by architects and group housing builders in their several projects.

Cement boards are made of skin cement sheets and fibers that contain cellulose and they are 4 ft by 8 ft in dimensions where the thickness is 1/4 and 1/2 inches in its applications. Cement boards have been used primarily to backup up to the tiles are there water resistant and they can be used in water-prone areas.

Where WPC boards are an emerging material of the building material industry which has been a complete best substitute to cement boards because of their composition. Not only are they water-resistant but also they are 100% eco-friendly which contributes towards a greener environment when used in projects and spaces.

In this blog, you will find how well we have gathered the information for your profitable projects that will satisfy your designs and help with fuller insights.

  1. Aesthetics that attract:

When choosing cement boards there is one thing for sure if you are going for only the material then yes you can choose cement boards but if you are expecting that your space will beautify then you are wrong here. This is because cement boards do not give an appealing look as compared to wood polymer composite boards that are made to embrace a space!

2. Surface treatment for long-lasting experience:

Present-day surface treatment is a value-added activity to the furniture of space whereas it is always done to make sure that applications remain sustainable and beautiful for a long-lasting experience! But with cement boards, if you are choosing to apply laminates/veneers then you will find a lot of hassles in your project with cement boards.

Even if you go for painting them then you have to take special measures to make the paint stay on cement boards for a long time. With WPC boards it is quite easy and hassle-free to apply any kind of laminates, veneers, or even paint on them because of the smooth look that brings out solid color and texture on them.

3. Weight and heaviness:

We often deal with architects where we understand their project applications and then we recommend them WPC boards based on their weight and installation that will give them high returns for the future. This is because we understand that cement boards have three times higher density as compared to WPC boards but at the same time they are the ones who increase the dead load of the building and are heavier which becomes a new problem for the contractors to deal with. At last, it is never a pocket-friendly option to go for and the architects choose WPC boards for its lightweight structure that embraces a building rather than making a problem for them to deal with!

4. Hardware Feasibility:

Hardware feasibility is again an important point to consider when choosing cement boards over any conventional boards. This is because when applying hardware tools for example Hinges. It becomes a headache for the labor to create a good spot without compromising the holding capacity of the product. And due to this reason, it becomes almost impossible to make the right impact on cement boards as they are heavier in weight as compared to plywood, MDF, or WPC boards. This becomes a headache as then you will have to find the right type of hardware tools that will increase your installation costs on cement boards and at the same time, screw holding capacity is never guaranteed here!

5. Workability:

Workability is an essential point to keep in mind when choosing a product for a design. Many carpenters go for products that are easy to work with and have minimum hassles to cope up. Cement boards are one of those boards that require heavy pain when working with them as they are heavier material than WPC. This is the real reason why it is not a carpenter-friendly product.

6. Time constraint:

Here we talk about time consumption cement boards without a doubt require time and effort for making them blend with interiors and exteriors as they are in grey! Without surface treatment or without painting you cannot place them into your space as they can break the theme of space into pieces in a snap of fingers. With WPC boards you will never find this problem at all because they are glossy and 100% paintable which makes them a superior product out of all the conventional products!

Even if you choose to install WPC boards without any surface treatment you will not find any problem in that because they are an engineered product that comes with prefinished attributes too.

So building projects with WPC boards is the best choice of Institutional architects due to the above-mentioned reasons that make  Institutional architects depend on a hybrid product that stands tall for them!

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