5 Things you will Need in a Door for a Jam – Free Space Comfort

An incredible amount of choices are made when it comes to choosing the best door installation that will last. Getting to know what type of door fits perfectly in a space, is the first step and also a great way to start your door installation activity for your project.

It is often seen that no matter what precautions and measures a builder tends to take, if the door is not made of ‘quality material’ or if it ‘lacks essential specifications’ then there are horror experiences that a door provides to a space design! A jam-free space can only be created, if you are buying the right solution and not just the right product.

1. A Great Material for Moisture proof Doors

Several things can affect doors to prick, and when doors prick it can be a result of foundation problems of an area. People usually find that their doors don’t shut perfectly right later in the rain. That’s because of high humidity or an excess of moisture in the atmosphere due to rainfall. And if the areas are prone to high rainfall or composite climates then there becomes a need for constant maintenance & repairs. The natural expansion and contraction of conventional doors made of the wooden base material can systematically cause doors to lose their quality over time!

To prevent such timely repairs and budget stories, Architects often recommend Wood Polymer Composite doors as the best alternative and substitute to conventional door materials from the problems of termites/borer infestation and dampness.
As the material consists of virgin polymers or thermoplastics, with the help of a little amount of wood which gives density and steadfast waterproofing as well as a product makes its applications herculean. As this material is a result of innovation, WPC manufactured doors that gave expected results to many high-class projects.

2. A Hybrid Composition for making Doors Weather Resistant


The wooden doors have an extremely porous exterior surface, so the water or moisture simply migrates into the pores of the wood. This usually happens due to imbibition, it is diffusion where water molecules are absorbed by solids, which increases in its volume.

Imbibition is perpetually towards the density gradients, hence solid colloid like wood absorbs water and swells or sags, due to the expansion in the size of the door and, therefore it gets jammed!

As per these situations, the innovation of WPC becomes magical, if doors provide a ‘fix & forget’ experience! To achieve a quality WPC door you need to dig a little deeper to find accuracy in the composition of the material so that your experience with WPC doors becomes extremely comfortable. Yes, the application becomes comfortable only when the composition is right. For getting a door that is weather-resistant the composition must have

  • Unique filters which are harmful chemical-free
  • UV pigments for giving the door UV resistance
  • Freedom from surface treatment that does not sweat pockets in the long run.

Note: To know more about WPC composition, connect with our experts today!

Henceforth if you have a hybrid composition, your encounter with WPC will be, therefore, soothing!

3. More Density, Less Weight

As per the application of doors, builders choose the doors which are high in density for meeting quality requirements such as durability and strength.

But as they choose a high in density door, unknowingly the weight of doors also increases which becomes a hurdle in the installation part! As the door fits in its door frame due to its heavyweight it starts to warp, loses its alignment, or slowly leans down from its Hinges.

To fix this problem you need WPC doors that give you high strength and durability according to the requirements but at the same time are light in weight! This provides an added advantage that WPC material provides to a space design as their installation becomes absolutely plug & play that also results in zero maintenance.

4. Great Screw holding Capacity

Another probable reason your doors jam is that the door hinges/screws are out of alignment. This is frequent due to loose screws, or even by high wind pressure when doors are closed with a ‘thud’ sound.

A quick solution to this problem would be to install WPC doors as they are engineered and are technologically advanced where you get a trustworthy screw holding capacity that is 2520 N Face & 1620 N Edge which provides strength & grip to the holdfasts & fasteners.

Note: To understand the screw holding capacity of WPC door and door frames connect with our product experts today!

5. Freedom from Deformation

In our conversation with India’s leading builders and Architects, we have come to one conclusion that no matter how good a material is but if it is stored for long it loses its charm gradually! But with quality WPC material, there is no chance where the material disappoints its application.

This hybrid material provides no risk of storage in the course of the project as it does not rot away due to any external environmental forces or by fungus attack. And even if the material gets wet, the chances of getting withered are zero as it is a polymer-based material!

With the hidden benefit of great Shore D Hardness, WPC doors, therefore, become scratch- resistant that gives a seamlessly smooth and prefinished door application.

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