5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Use Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof plywood has been practiced for decades when it comes to getting the furnishing work done in commercial and residential products and has been the first choice of carpenters, contractors, and architects over all these years.

The very name of it being waterproof attracts the customers but overall these years a better alternative has arrived, which is all set to take over the building material industry.

Ecoste WPC Board, living up to be a perfect substitute to the waterproof plywood. Here are reasons why you should select it over the waterproof plywood that has been popular:

Durability of the Product:
The very nature of waterproof plywood has been wished by customers, but after 2-5 years, the product can get affected by termite or borer infestation. This means that the waterproof plywood can be damaged completely which can lead to the loss of important assets too. To cover this point, Ecoste WPC Boards have come to your rescue.