5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Use Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof plywood has been practiced for decades when it comes to getting the furnishing work done in commercial and residential products and has been the first choice of carpenters, contractors, and architects over all these years.

The very name of it being waterproof attracts the customers but overall these years a better alternative has arrived, which is all set to take over the building material industry.

Ecoste WPC Board, living up to be a perfect substitute to the waterproof plywood. Here are reasons why you should select it over the waterproof plywood that has been popular:

Durability of the Product:
The very nature of waterproof plywood has been wished by customers, but after 2-5 years, the product can get affected by termite or borer infestation. This means that the waterproof plywood can be damaged completely which can lead to the loss of important assets too. To cover this point, Ecoste WPC Boards have come to your rescue.

The WPC Board is made of 70% virgin polymers, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives that are harmful chemicals free which makes them 100% termite-proof and water-proof which makes them pass the durability hurdle.

This makes them an ideal product for the beautiful furnishing of commercial and residential projects.

To help you realize the great utility of the WPC Board over waterproof plywood, Ecoste gives you a lifetime guarantee on the product when it comes to being waterproof sheets and termite-proof board.

Sustainability of the Product:
The waterproof plywood is made after cutting trees and contains hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, methanol, and urea. They can also be harmful to your health and well-being, due to the unpleasant odor which is generated in their cutting/installation process.

This is not the case with Ecoste WPC Board, since they are PVC-based products free of formaldehyde, methanol, urea, and other hazardous chemicals.

Fire Retardant :
Here if you choose waterproof plywood then there is a chance where you can get stuck! This is because waterproof plywood catches fire and keeps on burning even if the heating source is removed.

This is not the case with Ecoste WPC Board, as it is a polymer-based product. It is self-extinguishing and stops immediately when it is cut off from the fire source.

Its exceptional composition makes Ecoste WPC Boards an A-Class fire retardant that stands above the waterproof plywood.

Flexibility in Application:

The waterproof plywood can be used in several applications in the interiors of the home. But their disadvantage sums up to be their durability, as termite attack damages the waterproof plywood very badly.

The Ecoste WPC Boards are versatile and are very carpenter-friendly products, which can be easily installed in numerous applications, namely, in modular kitchen, furniture, wet-prone areas, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, wall paneling, LCD units, sliding wardrobes, and lots more.

They give a rich look to the interior applications in one’s residential and commercial spaces!

What you Get when you Pay:
The price of the waterproof plywood is 15% cheaper than the price of Ecoste WPC Board but the benefits of Ecoste are higher, both for the users and the environment.

Ecoste WPC Boards & PVC Boards come as a complete product, in comparison to waterproof plywood where the need is of applying laminates, adhesive to make a finished product.

The price of laminates and adhesive further increases the cost of waterproof plywood in comparison to WPC Board & PVC Board.

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