5 Reasons Why you should Choose WPC Doors over FRP Doors

If you are finalising your deal with FRP doors just give your 125 seconds to this blog which is here for your happy experience telling you to make a wise choice..!

Fiber Reinforced Plastic doors, also known as FRP doors possess the qualities of being water-proof, termite-proof, and fire retardant which makes you choose FRP for interior applications mostly. But in the modern summary, the building material industry has witnessed a hybrid material called WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) is becoming an absolute substitute for FRP. In this blog, you will get to know how..!

Use of Harmful Chemicals:

When manufacturing FRP doors, the use of chemicals is extensive which are also harmful and an essential part but its impact on humans and pets is severe and damaging. This is a limitation of FRP doors, which should be examined before installing them. This makes it not an environment-friendly product.

Whereas, manufacturing of WPC doors and door-frames is easy and harmless to use due to its exceptional composition which is 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives. This fact makes WPC doors a safer, greener, and 100% eco-friendly product, in comparison to the FRP doors.

Pocket Friendliness:

The cost of products always plays a large role in their selection process. So does in the case of FRP doors and WPC doors. FRP doors are always more expensive than timber doors due to their workability and delicate nature, which gives a good reason to select WPC doors over FRP doors.

With WPC doors you won’t have to spend additional expenses such as the application of laminates/veneers; as they are extruded and an engineered product that requires no further treatment to go ahead with!

Availability of Aesthetics:

The FRP doors and door-frames come in the light finish as they are hollow, which somehow manages to give an entrancing look with limited basic colors that come out from the surface treatment done on it. After when you will spend your money and watch the application of the door you will find it just as an application but not an aesthetic one!

With WPC doors the surface treatment can be done according to the choice and taste of the aesthetics of the customers and most of the time it is not needed with our WPC doors. As they are pre-finished extruded doors that come with a seamless smooth finish.

The kind of surface treatment that can be done includes CNC, polishing, pasting of laminates/veneer, etc. This makes the WPC doors a flexible selection over the FRP doors.

Timely Delivery:

Here is a tip for your architect when in a hurry choose wisely!

The manufacturing of the FRP doors is a completely manual process, other than being an extrusion or automated process. Due to this a lot of time is needed in their manufacturing, and bulk demand is not met on a timely basis. The delay in delivery schedules becomes another disadvantage of FRP doors, which affects the customers.

In comparison to the manufacturing of FRP doors, the manufacturing of the WPC doors is an automated process, which means that the bulk orders can be produced in a lesser period without compromising its composition and aesthetics.

Advisable Application:

Considering the challenges faced by workmen and manufacturers, the applicability of FRP doors is often less. It is advised that its application works best in bathrooms/toilets but with that too you have to handle them with care to avoid embarrassing situations where you will find its handles or locks detached!

But if you choose WPC doors you can experience a fix and forget experience which is a value added advantage which comes with its application. WPC doors and frames are versatile and can be fixed in interiors & exteriors both without any fears of affected dimensional stabilities.

Knowing the above points regarding the advantages of selecting WPC doors over FRP doors, it is ideal that you make a wise selection.

The doors are moisture-proof, termite-proof, A class fire-retardant contains no harmful chemicals, which makes them a 100% green product.

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