5 Powerful Reasons Why WPC Grills are a superior choice of an Architect over GRC Grills

Architects find wood polymer composite or WPC, an emerging material as compared to conventionally used materials of the previous decades.

Wood polymer composite is a result of innovation that is becoming a high profile substitute of Glass Reinforcement Cement (GRC) when the product is ‘grill’. And so the building material industry is witnessing the Architect fraternity choosing WPC grills over GRC grills for creating high-class, futuristic projects.

In our conversations with Architects and their builders, we have seen a huge need for an emerging solution and not just a product that can help builders to minimize their project hassles while dealing with GRC grills.

With this blog, we are here to provide you with absolute clarity about why WPC grills are a better choice than GRC grills! Here we present you with 5 powerful reasons that will shape your conclusion concrete for choosing WPC grills for your precious projects.

Extended Timelines of GRC Grills

Whenever preparing a budget, a builder tends to analyze all the available opportunities that will support him in finding the best methods to build their project provocatively! The manufacturing of GRC grills is a tedious process where the complex composition of cement is determined to make grill material but its process of creating profound product results in increased delivery time to deliver exact perforation and designs. This results in long delivery timelines that affect the process of GRC grill installation into a project.

However, when preparing a budget, a builder tends to analyze all the available opportunities that will support him in finding the best methods to build their project provocatively!

But with WPC grills this is possible! This is because WPC grills are an engineered product where 0.1-micron precision is guaranteed with the help of CNC router cutting that provides exact customization and perforation for a project. As WPC grills are light in weight, this results in decreasing the load of workmen to handle WPC grills in bulk which is not in the case of GRC grills.

GRC Grills require Heavy Installation

As GRC grills are composed of cement, their composition gives them high density and strength but also increases their weight that unquestionably becomes a pain for the contractor. As GRC grills are heavy, they require 3x more manpower than WPC grills!

Not only this but their risk of installation becomes higher as it creates circumstances a mishap for high rise installation that results in their breaking or cracking before it gets installed at the site.

With WPC grills, you will find no difficulties of installation as they are light in weight due to their hybrid composition which gives them powerful density that makes their performance long-lasting, and cuts out manpower efforts which makes them fit best for high rise structures!

High Risk in Storage

Storage of bulk quantities has always been a concern for a builder or a contractor because more or less many conventional products do not like being stocked! GRC grills are one of them. This is because as the composition of GRC grills consists of reinforced concrete, it tends to absorb moisture that weakens its properties.

And if GRC grills are being stored for a prolonged time in an area of composite climate then GRC grills become brittle and get wither away because it grows into a breeding ground for fungus and unwanted germ attacks that eats away its strength. This makes GRC grills, not at all hygienic.

But with WPC grills which are made of virgin polymers do not allow any type of decay or moisture attack on the product itself. Even if it is kept for a longer period, its risk of storage is quite low as compared to GRC grills!

High Maintenance Cost, Once Installed

Whether it’s a contractor or it is the end-user, the weight of GRC grill maintenance will always be troublesome in their pockets. This is because GRC grills look appealing and durable as it is full of density but its composition becomes the main hurdle in its way of shining throughout the time! When it comes to aesthetic properties GRC grills lose the game of aesthetic quotient as compared to quality WPC grills which are glossy and engineered-ly prefinished!

Ecoste WPC grills come with Filler Ex technology that makes them vibrant glossy and spotless white that maintains its aesthetics for generations! Even when you have to make a few repairs WPC grills are easy to screw and unscrew and could be installed without a planning labor project but with GRC grills, it becomes impossible as they get replaced if they are once removed!

Not a Sustainable Choice for a Project

Sustainability has become a need of the hour for all the futuristic architectural designs and structures! And to create a sustainable design you need products that have certified green ratings and approvals that will help you create timeless projects.

With WPC grills, which are eco-friendly, you get an advantage of creating sustainable structures and also a chance to get government projects which require certifications and approvals! With Ecoste WPC solutions you get a digital credential folder that helps you know about approvals, certifications and test reports that prove you are making a green choice! And if you go for GRC grills this is not possible as GRC is not a green material.

Connect with our product experts today and take your designs top-notch with Ecoste grills for making sustainable structures!

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