5 Parameters to Check Before Choosing a Facade for High Rise Structures

Facade or ‘Facciata’, through the architectural streets of wordplay, architecture brought up the concept of building facades that transformed the designs of plain structures. The expression is commonly practiced to include just to the central or front face of a building structure.

Accompanying the roof, facades are one of the most influential elements of a structure, since it acts as a dependable umbrella against the external environmental factors that could undermine the robustness of the building. Because of this, it is very superior to adopt a facade system that shields against such risks whilst accommodating to accomplish objectives such as low-energy consumption, conquering heavy maintenance costs, and advancing warmth for the occupants.

Bringing a facade construction is legitimate & extremely powerful as it can considerably influence the structure’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). While there are several elements which demand consideration in the structure’s facade, one of the crucial aspects is – Choosing The Right Material. Also, your opinion on the appropriate facade material necessitates being made after considering a range of factors like:

  • Moisture-Resistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Aesthetics Quotient
  • Versatility
  • Environmental-Friendliness
  • Durability & Strength
  • Costs

For getting a perfect WPC facade, we have curated a few of the 4 parameters that are crucial for choosing a perfect facade for your dream projects.

Parameters For Facades

1. Architectural Requirement

According to the architectural requirements a facade selection influences following standards of expression that adds life and vibrance to a structure.

  • To implement proper standards to guarantee a high-quality presentation of a structure that acknowledges flexibility, eccentricity, creativity, and elegant expression.
  • To promote a more human-scale and pedestrian-oriented setting and enhance a virtual connection.
  • To restore and preserve the concept and identity of a building structure and emphasize the factors to enhance its functionality, performance, and stability.
  • To guard and improve living neighborhoods and nonresidential communities by strengthening dynamic expansion that consists of quality and is harmonious with the style, balance, and purpose of its encompassing areas.
  • To foster advancements that correlate strongly with streets, welcoming spaces, and neighborhoods.

2. Composition

Visual balance should be accomplished in the facade material composition. A vital means for obtaining balance is the effectiveness of symmetry. The social perception of attraction is determined to be influenced by the vibration of symmetry within the wholesome composition. To attain a symmetrical design approach, it’s important to achieve a composition that is profound to deliver the best results for achieving subtle results. A WPC facade consists of plastic-based components along with a wood essence to add strength & durability.

For delivering a Quality WPC Facade, Ecoste adds the following constituents to achieve the best results…

  • 70% Virgin Polymer
  • 15% Mineral Powder
  • 15% Harmful Chemical – Free Additives ( Including heat stabilizers, UV pigments, & fillers)

3. Aesthetics

When these elements are viewed together, they have the potential to produce optical rhythm. The result can cheer a facade that is too vague, mark a surface too long, and design visual integration over the facade of the building.

Architectural details are determined to reproduce a facade, whether in accumulating form or a feature element, should describe a primary quality of the building’s character. For choosing the best aesthetics, architects look for material that is highly functional and that is WPC When balancing with the functionality & aesthetics, WPC facades fit the application requirements best & this stands them out from the crowd of conventionally used facades.

4. Flexibility

The facade should never be viewed just as the external skin of the building but rather as an indispensable part of the building design itself. Facade materials such as WPC contribute the added benefits of minimizing environmental consequences and maximize a structure’s life, energy as well as overall performance.

Exterior facade applications score in plenty of ideas including:

  • Its resistance against climatic factors,
  • Comparatively weaker maintenance,
  • Capacity to diminish moisture,
  • Water absorption into the structure,
  • Combating pollution,
  • Improving the mechanical durability of a high-rise building.

A WPC facade can be accurately maintained if it can optimize several roles, guaranteeing optimal daylight, conversion of thermal gain, energy propagation through the seamless amalgamation of photovoltaic, and resistance to fire. A second skin or a facade if applied to the exteriors can also provide a comfortable interior that can be emerged through optimizing thermal and visual conditions. It is eminent that enough daylight and aspects are drawn into an interior space as they support balancing.

5. Material Sustainability

Sustainability & environmental concerns are eminent for exercising the right type of material for creating facades for high-rise structures. The facade could accommodate the changing weather and allow the occupants to take command of its performance as per the requirements.

Using a material like WPC that is essentially safe, hygienic, and also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the building makes a facade application up to mark! Arrangements that could be amputated as per the requirement, for e.g. shielding during excessive heat, cracking up during cool weather, diminishing glare will support & diminish the practice of air conditioning.

Facades are an unmatchable aesthetic element and require many appreciating traits that help a building’s overall design come to life! So the best way to find a Quality WPC Facade is to consult an expert. You can initiate well-needed guidance or access satisfying product consultation for the illuminating facades that aspire to come up with through your designs!

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