5 Financial Challenges faced by Existing Projects with Conventional Door Frames

A part of making a project successful depends on all the financial challenges that an architect wants to overcome by choosing the right quality material for their precious designs!

In the past eight years, we have helped India’s leading Architects and builders in their projects by providing them quality WPC solutions but also from them we have learned about financial challenges that become a bump in their roads towards their high-class projects. To help Architects clear their roads of bumps this blog will be their eyeopener to choose quality WPC door frames for creating hassle-free projects!

Water Curing is a Challenge
Most of the primarily used conventional door frames are made of natural wood ( timber or sal) that requires a process for water curing. But as natural wood absorbs water during this process, the chances of future damages increases that can lead to dampness.

This is because natural wood can absorb water but if a wooden door frame absorbs a higher amount of water, that can lose its dimensional stability which gradually deteriorates its performance over time! With WPC door frames there is no room for water absorption as WPC material is polymer based and water curing is not at all needed.

Mandatory Toxic Termite/Fungal Treatments
As the generations are evolving the room for opportunities is also growing! But to create sustainable structures, the right choice of material comes as an almost factor on which a design depends.

Furthermore, as an area’s temperature changes for the location of a design located in an area of composite climate, moisture becomes a pain for an architect’s builder. This is because wooden door frames do not resist moisture for a longer period which leads to termite and borer infestation that eats away door frames of a design.

This makes wooden door frames a complete product failure for a builder as well as for the end-user! We recommend WPC door frames highly, for this problem where you find zero maintenance and renovations for a lifetime.

Paint is a Cost

Additional surface treatments like painting, priming and coating the surface of wooden door frames is a natural part of the process to obtain a complete door frame product! And yes, it is true that the need for future surface treatments always comes along with the product that is made of natural wooden material.

But here is a hidden drawback, that is the harmful effects of toxic chemicals that release unwanted health hazards to the labor as well as the people around its site! To eliminate the cost of havoc surface treatments, switch to WPC door frames that are free from all types of harmful VOCs and formaldehyde which causes skin irritations, allergies, and other health dangers.

Replacement Costs of Dimensional Stability

No matter what material a door frame is made of for a customer’s customer, dimensional stability is a need. By keeping this in mind, Ecoste came up with a hybrid composition for its quality WPC door frames that make them stand above their competition of conventional wooden door frames that loses their dimensional stability!

Ecoste quality WPC door frames do not warp, sag, crack, bend or wither away over time like Timber and Sal door frames. In all types of external environments whether installed in interiors or exteriors, WPC door frames stand durable.

Assembling Costs

Conventional door frames that are made of primarily wood require due attention when it comes to assembling a natural wood material! This is because molding natural wood according to requirements becomes a tough task, as product wastage (wastage could be from 8 to 15%) becomes a concern for a builder and a contractor.

And the process of assembling a timber door frame and then installing it becomes a pain area for the builder! But with the WPC door frames product, product wastage becomes zero as WPC door frames are engineered and prefinished which makes them a ready-to-install product that requires absolutely plug and play installation and fewer workman efforts!

Therefore, If you find this blog helpful and want to create your project with quality WPC door frames that are green and easy to work with then connect with us today!

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