5 FAQs of Architects for using WPC Perforated Screens

Grills are an ageless and timeless element that has been traveled from the past architectural practices to the contemporaries!

From the period of royal historians and the medieval era, grills have satisfied many architectures with their versatility and demanded aesthetics. But as the contemporaries are evolving and innovation is becoming the key to unlocking the future of architecture, the building material industry is also witnessing a drastic choice of WPC grills in the architect’s lists.

Wood Polymer Composites or WPCs are a result of innovation that has revolutionized all the conventionally used materials so far. As WPC material is made of virgin polymers, thermoplastics, and wood grains/ powder, it makes a product application versatile and sustainable at the right time which primarily is a  need of the era. Where technology is helping engineers to create solutions and not just products WPC grills are one of their creations.



And today in this blog, you will find out the most asked questions that have been formulated from our conversations with India’s best, leading Architects who invested their trust in Ecoste for creating innovative buildings using WPC grills as perforated skins! So, here we go …

1. Where can I use WPC Grills?

As this is the foremost asked question about WPC grills, we would like to answer this question by providing a profitable insight about WPC is that it is a versatile material that requires easy workability and plug-and-play installation that makes it fit practically anywhere and everywhere.

As far as projects of the architects are concerned, you can use WPC grills in

  • Residential Group Housing projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Private Institutions
  • Government projects
  • Hotels & Resorts projects

But remember, if you are looking for a product that can be applied to your government projects or private institutions then, you may get stuck where you have to hunt for certifications and approvals too.

As the times are changing, the demands of safety, hygiene, and eco-friendly products are on a rise for achieving sustainability goals in architecture. And to fulfill all the parameters, almost every management demands certain certifications, approvals, and also sometimes test reports for creating smart, high-class projects.

To fulfill these requirements you need a quality WPC grill solution that will help you get what you want and with Ecoste your hunt ends! This is because Ecoste aims to provide solutions and not products for the greater good of society!

You can mail us at contact@ecoste.in to get all the legal test reports, certifications & approvals about Ecoste grills for creating your projects

2. Can WPC grills be used in high altitudes?

Yes, WPC grills can be used as perforated screens on high altitudes as an aesthetical quotient. As WPC grills are made of virgin polymers and essential additives, plus their main characteristic property is in being light in weight! This becomes a game-changer for an architect to introduce this product to their group housing builders for choosing an option that will support them, to create projects for high-rise buildings.

Watch how WPC grills have beautified a high rise architectural project for HMEL Bathinda

The added advantages of WPC grills when used as  perforated screens are that it becomes easy for a builder to manage their budget as compared to conventionally used GRC or MDF grills that require heavy budget and time consumption!

This is because WPC grills save time and labor cost as they require a plug-and-play installation that helps a builder to meet their deadlines and RERA parameters before time.

Meet your Deadlines with Quality WPC Grills

Not just that when quality WPC grills are being used you can get a chance to improve your green ratings by installing Ecoste grills that are 100% green and IGBC and GRIHA approved.

3. Can I create geometric/ornamental patterns on it?

Definitely. Quality WPC solutions are versatile because of which you can absolutely create geometric/ ornamental patterns on them. And practically you can create whatever patterns on it where you get a chance to become the artist for your canvas!

4. Can I use these perforated screens as a second skin to my building?

Yes absolutely, as it is a brilliantly, smart application idea! By this type of application the WPC grill element will help you not just increase your aesthetics but also will enable you to reduce the heat gain of your buildings by 4 degrees in your space’s exteriors & interiors. But to gain this benefit you need to find the right composition to acquire this benefit!

5. Where can I get a grill that provides thermal insulation to the spaces?

If you are looking for thermal insulation for your building, Ecoste Grills can become your one-stop solution that provides an exact composition that makes a space green and temperate. And to find them, call us@+91-9555075075 or mail us today about your requirements and connect our product expert to discover your project creation possibilities!

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