5 Asks that will give you Quality WPC Door Frames for your Expected Results

With the discovery of the door came a modern and respected part which needs to be understood known as ‘Privacy’. As interplay is an imperative part of each civilization, so too is the demand for time apart, an area to call one’s own. The door was the perfect way to ensure that was probable.

However, a door cannot just stand on its own. It requires support which is its door frame! Often missed, overlooked, or underappreciated! The door frame plays a vital role in every space as it provides leveling, support, lock, and protection.

There are many myths, assumptions, and false statements in the market saying…

  • Wood Polymer Composite is another product but fails to deliver the required results for an Architect!
  • WPC is not a carpenter-friendly product, as engineered material requires machinery workouts to manufacture products out of it!
  • The light in weight characteristic of WPC raises a question upon its density!
  • The WPC door frames do not have a good screw holding capacity as compared to conventional material!

And so on, and on….

So these were some of the statements we heard and we are sure that these are the few that you heard about WPC door frames, continually. But the main question arises that ‘ what to look for in a WPC door frame when we are buying it for our spaces!

With this blog one thing is very clear that you will get clarity about what WPC and a quality WPC is, and how WPC is the best alternative to all the conventionally used door frames that makes it a solution and not just a substitute.

As it is said that the right key depends upon not just delivering solutions but delivering the right type of solutions, furthermore you need to ask the right questions to receive the best material for your projects.

1. Ask about the Composition first for not getting tricked later:

We at Ecoste believe that with the right amount of inputs, the performance of a product is marked!

A reliable composition includes everything that gives WPC door frames a convincing fine finish! But, there are clouds of confusion in the minds of the buyers are there because they do not go down the road where they need to ask about the fillers of the material, its ratios, and what quantity and quality of these fillers possess, what stabilizer’s ratio is injected, last but not the least if UV Pigments in the material are available or not!

To remain up to date, we did a critical analysis of the available WPC material products in markets to know their composition. With this, we came up with the high-quality WPC material that uniquely demands a great composition to provide a lifetime guarantee to our clients for their high-class projects.

With 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder, and 15% additives (Heat Stabilizers, UV Pigments, Processing aids, and Lubricants) we found the right composition which strikes the right balance of sustainability, performance, and aesthetics for both interiors as well as for exteriors applications.

And with a composition so profound, the Ecoste door frames are away from withering, swelling and cracking as they become moisture proof, that protects wpc door frames from decay attacks and gives excellent dimensional stability even in harsh climatic conditions.

2. Ask for the Right Density to get a Quality WPC door frame:

As far as the density of WPC door frames is concerned, WPC material is a polymer-based material that has a unique density that supports a product to give results. The sturdiness and durability of a door frame will affect the longevity of the door itself. And for your customer’s customer, a weak door frame can pose a security risk and is likely to wear out much quicker. Here, the role of the right composition holds due importance in the making of the right WPC material that gives expected results.

Therefore, If your quality WPC has the right density then simultaneously it will have a definite screw holding capacity that allows a door to stand strong to its WPC frame for a lifetime!

3. Ask about your WPC door frame’s screw holding capacity:

Screw holding is a significant point to remember when choosing WPC door frames as here you will find an upgrade from conventional to the modern solution.

If the frame is weak, poorly installed, or undergoing rot, the door would lack the required durability and could disappoint. Furthermore, the closing mechanism, which is determined by the handle or knob, meets the door frame. You will also find that the quality of the door frame will influence the insulation provided; also gaps in a frame can let cold air in and warm air out!

To fix this problem  Ecoste brought you it’s USP, that is the DuraCap Technology which provides our WPC door frames a strong screw holding capacity!

The most asked question of contractors/carpenters is what happens when the drilling and screwing take place! We will suggest that you watch our video – where Mr. Ankur Hora, himself will help you get answers to your popping thoughts by debunking myths and assumptions.

In this video, all those myths in your mind will be debunked with live demonstrations, which will give you an absolute clarity and help you choose better for your needs and applications.

A typical door frame is 600 to 800 kg/metre cube but the density of Ecoste WPC door frames is 850 kg/metre cube that gives the product long lasting durability.

Water Absorption:

The water absorption capacity of Ecoste door frames is less than 0.5% when kept in water for 24 hours straight.

Fire Retardancy:

Ecoste door frames remain an ‘A Class Fire Retardant’ for upto 2 hours and also immediately stops burning when cut off from the fire source.

Screw Holding:

Last but not least the screw holding capacity of Ecoste door frames is 2520 N face & 1620 N edge for providing a concrete support to the screws.

To know more, check our Shri Ram Test Report and believe the work, research and innovation of Ecoste door Frames on your own!

5. Ask for Approvals to break the Barriers: 

Products are often needed to be approved by respective authorities or government bodies before they can formally be applied in architecture!

And henceforth, product approvals are one of the most important factors when a project is taken into action. And if you find a quality WPC product such as Ecoste door frames, you get 100% approvals from the most respected authorities of India that trust Ecoste WPC more than any other brand serving the nation.

Here are a few of the approvals that Ecoste WPC door frames come up with to serve you…

Now that you are aware about quality wpc door frames, it’s your time to get your projects the right material to speak for you! So this is the best time, when you can connect with our experts for creating your high class projects…

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