2 Nifty Tricks to Keep in Mind for Your Home’s Storage Problems … Rules, Mistakes & Solution all Covered!

Storage problems have always been there for people! Finding the best type of solutions that will go for your space is the ultimate need of every homemaker.

A prevailing requirement for residences of any extent is storage. No matter how much you remove or declutter, you are still going to desire smart treatments to work out in everything that’s vacated. The task gets even more daunting when you are constrained on space.

In this blog, you will find the best-needed solutions that nobody ever told you for your home’s storage solution! From common mistakes to finding the right material and what rules need to be followed to get the best storage space, or advice on what blunders to stop, tips & awesome storage tricks for several rooms of the houses, we have covered it all for you!

We think one of the tremendous myths is that little homes with sufficient storage cannot look aesthetically gorgeous. Storage for any space acts best when addressed in an integrated and detailed way rather than piecemeal treatments.

So before starting the treatment here you have to follow three golden rules that will lead your journey to a smart storage home that invites good things without fear!

The 3 Golden Rules

1. Comprehend:

The first golden rule, to know down is to comprehend your lifestyle, requirements, priorities, ways of the undertaking, and personal preferences as much as possible, so you can get an unmistakable portrait of what you require.

2. Remembering that storage shapes:

With that comes the second golden rule, of remembering that storage shapes are a very critical aspect of a home’s design and should be cared for as a holistic technique right from the outset.

So, plan, plan, and plan some more – discover the most profitable methods that will serve for space, but during imagination don’t overlook details such as encircling furniture, finishes, materials, and so on and so forth.

3. Lookinout Multifunctional storage possibilities:

The third golden rule says, that perpetually contemplate multifunctional and flexible alternatives wherever possible! Keep in mind, these solutions should be simple to operate with and their maintenance cost would not cost you sweat in the long run!

The above-mentioned golden rules become golden for you only when you keep them in your mind and stick to them. But here is not where the story ends. There are mistakes that you make often again and again which disgraces your planning and then the results are not always as accurate as desired!

Don’t worry and don’t feel confused because those common mistakes that you might make are here with us,

1. A Short Term View:

There are times when we are looking for storage options and we look out for a short period of time and in the long run we find difficulty, when the kids are grown for the family, is getting big or a new type of inclusion is standing in front of us which was not at all expected!

2. A material that functions well:

How can you forget to choose the right type of material which will be 100% suitable for your lifestyle! Yes, your priority should be positioned on a balance of looks, purpose, room, operation, and of course, its maintenance.

3. What worked for decades, doesn’t mean Will work for today:

Hey, Just because your neighbors have done it, doesn’t mean it will work for your home too.

4. A Kid’s Room is an Important Aspect:

A house becomes a home when there is a family living in it, and if the parents are the pillar then surely the kids of the house are their aesthetics! Of course, the kids’ room is always skipped because it is an ultimate challenge to deal with. When it comes to a shared children’s bedroom, we manage to plan everything around their current age and preferences. But these facts usually differ quite drastically when they grow and develop physical and mental needs. So, the design of storage solutions that will be placed in a kid’s room has to be e altering and smart because of their changing attitude towards their lifestyle needs.

Finding the right material is what brings you a long-term storage solution! And to unlock the door of comfort, enjoyment, and the appreciative solution is Ecoste high-quality WPC material. It is a hybrid substitute that offers its WPC boards an amazing choice for making storage for homes!

Now you might be thinking about how a material will solve all my problems of storage! Yes, the right material plays a vital role in space because homes are designed forever but the material being used in them has a certain type of obligations that the end-user tends to face on and off.

So, why not choose the right type of material which will give you comfort for a lifetime?

Ecoste’s Wood polymer composite boards are the best-chosen solution that is a one-stop solution or you can say, is a one-time investment that will give you returns for generations.

Now that you found the best-suited material it’s time to give a thought to your rooms of the house that need the solution of storage!

Let’s start this tour…

1. WPC storage solutions for Living rooms:
Most architects suggest having the living room, furniture light in weight. So as you choose Ecoste WPC boards, you get the advantage of getting a durable storage solution that is light in weight and it is durable as well!

Consider WPC multi-functional pieces such as nested tables, ottomans with accommodation, or center tables with chairs that can be pulled out when needed. This type of furniture will add life to your living room where you will be able to make great memories with your friends and family.

2. WPC storage solutions for Bedrooms:
A study area that is combined into the wardrobe piece, or folding tables with modern bookshelves.

Here, WPC suits best as workability with Ecoste WPC boards is way easier than the most conventionally used materials where wastage is also so not a worry and at the same time, you get smooth glossy aesthetics! You can design smart custom-made furniture that can be withdrawn into walls and storage units that are hidden from view.

3. WPC storage solutions for your Guest bedroom or Spare rooms:
Get advantage of multi-functional sections of your furniture. But multifunctional peace requires a material that has excellent dimensional stability that will sustain for the long term. With Ecoste WPC which is high in quality does not lose its dimensional stability and will never give you the fear of unpleasant furniture sight!

For example, a sleeping layer might add a platform bed with a desk, or storage underneath,” the architect recommends. The home office in this picture also serves as a guest room and TV room. Storage by way of big cabinets that employ the intact length of the wall and a workspace that is an expansion of the window bench, making the room multi-functional.

4. WPC storage solutions for your Kitchens:

When designing a kitchen storage space, keep in mind the work triangle that works best for the modern-day lifestyle. Storage systems should serve the people using the kitchen, with every detail examined: for example, sizing of the boxes/containers used, eating habits, cooking rituals, and fireproofing. When you choose Ecoste’s WPC boards you get a material that is an A-Class fire retardant hu retards fire up to 2 hours just when it is cut from the source. This value addition will give a safe experience to the user who will find safety as well. Don’t forget to keep some flexibility!

5. WPC storage solutions for your Bathrooms:

The importance of the right material will now be covered entirely as for the bathroom whatever type of design is faced. If the material is not good then the whole picture becomes a disaster! With Ecoste’s WPC boards you get the benefit of 100% waterproof material that does not allow any type of water absorption for moisture absorption and keeps away all types of organism attacks.

Here, you can go for a simple cabinet behind the mirror that can store a lot of daily-use products, while inconvenient spaces like that above the commode can be used for open shelves. It is best to plan a blend of open and close spaces for linen, laundry baskets, and washing and bathing quantities, so items are out of sight and arranged.

So here is your complete roadmap for creating amazing storage spaces and furniture with Ecoste WPC boards that are made to sustain. And if you find any hurdle in this journey, then mail us at contact@ecoste.in, we will be happy to help you!

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